March 5, 2024
Biggest Loser 10
Biggest Loser 10

Well tonight is the start of every dieters favorite show, Biggest Loser 10 starts tonight. So it is time to set the VCR or PVR, or just your butt on the couch and see what this years crop of past decision challenged people have to say and do.

I always hate the intro of the first episode of the Biggest Loser, it is usually Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels making us feel guilty for sitting on the couch watching TV. But after that we get to see the new contestants and see their back stories, bad past decisions, and future hope.

But the fun part at the beginning of the Biggest Loser is watching the live it out today.

So here are a few things that we can watch tonight, see who to cheer for and against.

What to Watch for Biggest Loser 10

1. See the back story of each of the people, what did they do in the past? What was the motivation for a bad lifestyle?

2. What was the point that changed each person? Why are they choosing a TV show to make that change so public?

3. I personally love to see someone fail, give up, and then come back, embarrassed but recommitted. This is what we all do in life and why would we expect any different because they are on TV.

I wrote a post a while back about how to get on the Biggest Loser and judging my the traffic I think a lot of people really would like to take a shot at this, getting the help that they need to lose the , get healthy and change theior lives so the viewers I think are never unaffected, even with this season being Biggest Loser 10.

What will your Biggest Loser 10 Experience be tonight?

In our house my wife, daughter, and I will be watching the Biggest Loser 10 Premiere tonight. It is a family affair with me looking for junk food, and grabbing an apple, and lots of tears from my wife and my daughter cuddling hard.

The trouble with TV is that it is really easy to be very objective, cursing the people and the situation they got themselves into but I am hoping that I can be a bit more introspective this year, watch and learn the journey that the competitors are going through while at the same time looking at my weaknesses and trying to build them into strengths.

No matter what happens this season, the premier of the Biggest Loser 10 is going to be an exciting event tonight in my house

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