April 12, 2024

Well it is fall and the Biggest Loser is back on the TV. Doesn’t seem to be very long between seasons but tonight we get another bunch of heavys taking on themselves to become lights.

New Biggest Loser Trainers

Biggest Loser Trainers
Biggest Loser Trainers

One of the things to watch for tonight will be the new trainers. Jillian Michaels has left the Biggest Loser in search of a newer lifestyle which has left a big hole to fill. This season we have two trainers that will try to fill Jillians shoes. Dolvett Quince, a personal trainer from Atlanta and Anna Kournikova, a former top 10 pro tennis player and Maxim cover model. They may be good or bad but just like a few seasons ago with Kim Lyons and last season with Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel. One of these two new trainers may stick but you never know. Bob Harper has said in the past that we will stay until they get rid of him. He loves the show.

This Seasons Biggest Loser Victims (Contestants)

I am sure just like in past years there will be heroes and villains and people we cheer for and against. Here are this years crop:

Antone 44 years old and is a Restaurant manager and former NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons from 1991 – 1997 Starting is 447 lbs.

Becky 50 years old and is a Math teacher Starting is 238 lbs.

Bonnie 63 years old and is a Retired payroll supervisor Starting is 254 lbs.

Jennifer 39 years old and is a Television producer Starting is 330 lbs.

Debbie 60 years old and is a Senior administrative assistant Starting is 239 lbs.

Courtney 24 years old and is a Internet marketing specialist Starting is 270 lbs.

Jessica 26 years old and is a Travel nurse Starting is 254 lbs.

Joe 46 years old and is a Home health therapist Starting is 348 lbs.

John 40 years old and is a Special education teacher/football coach Starting is 445 lbs.

Johnny 65 years old and is a Owner of a realty company Starting is 328 lbs.

Mike 62 years old and is a High school teacher/football coach Starting is 309 lbs.

Patrick 25 years old and is a Mental health adult foster care worker Starting is 387 lbs.

Ramon 27 years old and is a Tattoo artist Starting is 355 lbs.

Sunny 41 years old and is a Fifth-grade teacher Starting is 277 lbs.

Vinny 27 years old and is a Songwriter/entertainer Starting is 426 lbs.

So there are the essentials of the Biggest Loser Starting tonight. Are you looking forward to the new season? Do you miss Jillian already? Are you tired of this show already?

Here we go, hope it is another fun season of The Biggest Loser!

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