May 18, 2024

Last night we watched the latest episode of Biggest Loser couples off of the PVR. Good episode especially because this late in the season you feel like you know the characters really well and it is interesting to watch the interactions.

You might remember last week that Kristin barely stayed in and that was against Laura who could not even walk. The reason it seems is because Jillians team is trying to kick out all of Bobs team but last night it kinda looked like it was because people are afraid of Kristen being the biggest threat to win against against Mike. And what about Tara?

Who would win the Biggest Loser Couples Today?

I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of percentage loss the players are at now. It may seem like it is late in the game but every season there are giant losses at home after everyone leaves the ranch. Here is where everyone is that is left.

  • Tara lost 117 pounds 40% total body
  • Mike lost 153 pounds 39% total body
  • Helen lost 96 pounds 37% total body
  • Filipe lost 120 pounds 33% of total body
  • Ron lost 132 pounds 31% total body

Kristin had lost 32% of her body as of last night so she was in the mix but really there is a lot of time left so I am not sure that Mike was really trying to kick off his biggest competition he would probably want to kick off Helen who, if she gets motivated, could be the dark horse in the race.

Challenges and Drama

Anyway there was more stuff last night. Thankfully no gluttony challenges which I am happy about, but the challenge had to do with guessing food info. Did you know that one brand of pizza (kept a secret) would have a little 7 inch pizza count as 8 servings? I would have two for a meal!

Also last night there was Jillian convincing Mike that he should go and talk to his bad about his feelings that his dad was a silent conspirator in his gain over the years. Dad took it well and took the blame but in my bedroom it led to a bit of a disagreement between my wife and I.

So who is to blame for Mikes gain. My wife says that his parents are fully responsible as they fed him and then instilled food and exercise values that were obviously poor. I on the other hand say that in his teens Mike was responsible for his own decisions. Mike is now 18 so I am guessing that we are both right and wrong but in the interest of child obesity I am going to write a parents guide to keeping kids healthy article sometime soon.

The end of Biggest Loser Couples is near

So now Kristin is out and we are left with just five people. Who do you think is going to win? Who has momentum? It will be interesting to watch these next couple of weeks and I think there are only a couple of episodes left.

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