April 24, 2024

Tonight I finally saw last nights episode of the biggest loser and I must say it was great. One of the teams (Bob Harper’s team) did not have Bob to train them for three days and in the end all of them put up big numbers and won easily. The red team of Kim Lyons lost again this week so they ended up kicking out the biggest hair in the history of Reality TV and that was Ken from Washington. Again some of the players on the red team think this is survivor and seem to be playing the game more than anything already.

There were a couple of real highlights of this weeks show and one of them was the doctor that is monitoring all of the players coming in and talking about where they were health wise. It seems that all of those obesity related problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes that these people all had are gone now, and after only 6 weeks. That is amazing!

The other great news this week is that two of the people that have been working out from home are going to be going on the show next week as they kick out two more people, and apparently the new people have lost more than the people on the ranch.

I am looking forward to next week more than I have any week of this show for the last few weeks. If looks like the show has really gotten it together now.

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