May 19, 2024

My favorite diet and exercise show, The Biggest Loser is coming back soon. The two hour season premiere is on NBC on Wednesday September 20th. Let’s see what we can learn this season. I will of course blog the episodes as I love the show but as we are only a couple of weeks away here are some ideas of how you can get ready and celebrate the start of the show over the next two weeks.

First, let’s make the Biggest Loser season 3 a celebration of change and how we can change our lives in a short time with the right attitude and goals. Make sure that over the next two weeks that you make some big goals. Just think, a regular season of any TV show lasts about 16 to 20 weeks and this show is not any different. Are you going to try to lose twenty pounds? Are you going to exercise six days a week while the show is running? Are you going to launch a new exercise AND eating schedule to change your shape and change you life?

Second, find some really fun things to do while watching the show itself. Make a new low calorie snack every night for the duration of Biggest Loser 3. Maybe have a goal for the number of crunches that you do during each episode.

Third, mark down the date of each show and watch it while having fun cheering for the people that you like best. I will try my best to chronicle the lessons learned each week from the show as well as updates on the characters and How the two trainers, Bob and the new Kim Lyons.

Tick, tick, tick time is counting down to the newest biggest loser season.

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