October 3, 2023

I did not even know it until right now but The Biggest Loser is having a “where are they now” episode tonight. The biggest Loser tonight is just showing what happened to the contestants that we have come to know over all these seasons and what happened to them.

So far we are seeing a lot of success stories and even a bit about the people that have gotten married from the show (Biggest Loser has a better track record than the Bachelor). My wife and I are seeing that most of the people after they leave the show gain a few pounds but are still looking good and as we all know some people (looking at you Ally) seem to lose a bit too much anyway to try to win the million bucks.

One thing that I am really seeing is the amazing confidence that the people from past seasons have as well as the great habits in eating and exercise that they have stuck with.

Did you watch, are you watching the show now? Pretty fun good to watch TV.


Holy Crap what a fantastically inspirational story that Matt Hoover just told about doing the Hawaii Triathalon. The guy gained quite a bit of back but he is a monster when it comes to pushing himself.

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