April 25, 2024

One question that I get emailed about more than almost anything else lately is “How can I get on the Biggest Loser?”

I know that many people are interested in the show, after 7 or 8 seasons now people have seen so many success stories on the Biggest Loser that they can’t help but think that there is no way that they can lose the they want to lose without getting on the biggest loser.

I for one don’t believe that at all, no matter if you want to lose 20 in one month or lose 100 pounds in a year there are always ways to lose the without going on a TV show. Really! Believe it.

How to get on the Biggest Loser

Ok, now after that if you really want to know how to get on the Biggest Loser I have a plan that won’t guarantee anything but I think will improve your chances to get on the Biggest Loser.

Just to let you know, you need to be a resident of the US to get in. no Canadians or others allowed

Before you get started go to the Biggest Loser Casting page.  Click here for entry rules and procedure.

First of all, you have to fill out an application form at the NBC site and send in a video. As you can imagine there are quite a few people trying to get on the Biggest Loser and the only way that the people in the casting department can narrow down this huge list is by kicking people off the list or finding exceptional people.

The only way that you can be chosen for the Biggest Loser is to have an impressive application and video, there is no other way to make an impression.

Biggest Loser Application Tips

The application is long, 9 pages in fact so print out a couple of copies. Make one rough copy with lots of notes and give yourself at least a couple of days to really lay out what is important and what will be qualities that set you apart from everyone else trying to get on the Biggest Loser.

After you have filled out all the notes then get another copy of the application and print all the answers very clearly in the space provided. Keep your answers very clear and direct, do not use any unnecessary words, this is one of only two ways to impress those judges.

Biggest Loser Video Tips

The video that you make is going to be the real way of setting yourself apart from all of the other people trying to get on the Biggest Loser TV Show. Try to have the best production quality that you can.

As far as the length of video make sure that it is not any longer than 10 minutes. As you can imagine there are a lot of videos to get through and the people casting the Biggest Loser are going to only want to spend a few minutes and if they have not been caught by you by then they will move on to the next tape.

Make sure that your video is fairly closeup, you do not want to be too far away from the camera and no one should have to strain to hear what you have to say.

biggest loser

Try to be very upbeat, not like you are crazy but on the other hand, remember that they casters for the Biggest Loser are going to be looking for people that are fun and interesting to watch. If you are just heavy but will not draw in viewers then people will not want to tune into the show, so you will not be chosen.

Make sure you do wardrobe changes. Show the casting people on the Biggest Loser what you look like in a bathing suit, workout clothes, regular clothes and this way that will also get a feeling for what you are like.

Finally, let the viewers of your video know what you are like and why you should be on the show. which helps you to be very clear as to why you need to be on the show, your past successes and failures, your weight loss history and how you want to make the change for you and the people around you.

Will you get on the Biggest Loser?

As you probably know that chances of getting on the Biggest Loser are slim but unlike a lottery they are going to pick 16 people every season so there is a chance if you present yourself well to actually get on the show.

Good Luck, if you do get on the Biggest Loser leave a comment and let us know.

234 thoughts on “How to get on the Biggest Loser

  1. I am 42 years old I have two girls that are my life but this hurts me to see that I have I have 290 since 99 now I am 280 I have been tired of what I look like can you help I want to be health for my kids I have a daughter that is disabled …..

    1. hie my name is jennifer i have a son that is 17 years old and he need to lose and i dont have the money get him in a gym i need help to help him i want to know how to get him on biges loser bec i think it could help him and lose he is tall and w is 280 i dont want to lose him i dont want him to have a heart attack i love him so much and need to help him someone please help

      thanks jennifer

  2. I need to lose 200 plus pounds. I’m always losing and gaining huge amounts of . I lost 110 pounds when I was 19 and kept that off for about 4 years. In 2006, I lost 140 pounds,but gained that back and in 2008, I lost 90 pounds, but gained that back. I’ve always lost the through a healthy diet and nutrition, as well as working out about 2 hours a day at a gym. I also used to hike he Appalachains and do arobics and dance. However, I’m now in my 30’s and at my biggest and I need to lose this freakin’ once and for all! The house that I lived in burnt down in 2011 and I lost everything. I’ve been so unmotivated with diet and exercise, but I need to get on the ball! I’m going to the Boston casting call for Season 15. We’ll see if they pick me. I think I have a great personality and that awesome Boston accent. Almost like Boston Rob from Survivor, but I can Boston A – The Next Biggest Loser…………..hee, hee.

  3. hey am from ethiopia but am refuje in uganda am 25 i have one son my is 230 pound life is not good for me bec am refuje no food but i don no whay my is up am tayerde this life palese help me i wont lose my

  4. Im 13 and my is 250 people make fun of me and I cry myself to sleep and plus i am obsessed with your show I live in granger county lakeshore drive 7160

  5. Hey judges..im a big girl and I need someone one to put the streering wheel in my back.I have a huge belly its wrinkle and just ughhh I hate even taking my shirt off in front my husband..and myself for that matter..I am from new orleans by the way I aint never see no body on yall show from new orleans..im fiesty and I cant wait to get to the show and work hard..plus meet new people…if you pick me you wont regret it..im fun and energetic.you need me on the show everybody will tune in…just for me

  6. Hello everyone my name is Tamara. I am 15 years old and I weigh 154 pounds. My averages I don’t eat much but I gain constantly every time I eat I feel sick. My body is thin but for some reason I keep gaining and my never changes. Does anybody have any advice on what I can do, or can anyone suggest anything that can help me.

  7. I have been big all my life and I have tried everying to try adn loose wight adn nothing has worked and my biggest dream and BIGGEST motavation to loosing is the Biggest Loser but i do not no even knwo how to apply to be on or even be thought of for getting to that point im 21 and tired of being the person i am please help me change, and better myself i don want to be big but ther is no motavaton around me and i try to motavate ppl around me to exersize and eat right and i know a solo act in this manner is ineffective plz help me get on Biggest Loser
    ~Shannon Groves

  8. My name Selena I’m 31 and I’m 5 9 and eight 280 I can walk and I just want to lay around I need help how do I get this eight off me I need someone’s help please

  9. I’m Janie I was recently diagnosed with PCOS the smallest I’ve been since I’ve been past 21 was 185lbs and this was just in 2010 I tried to commit suicide I was 250lbs in 2008 I couldn’t take it as of right now 2012 I am 270lbs 5’8 I can hardly walk I cant be around my friends like I used to be I just cry and still eat a lot I tried dieting it lasted a month and I fail I never knew it was so many people in the world that struggled like me with and everything, the doctor put me on phentermine 37.5 I lost 15lbs in four days then another 20lbs in a week but the came back cause I cant motivate myself to workout the doctor told me I need to lose 90lbs that’s impossible with my mind frame im lazy now I wish I had help

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