April 23, 2024

Wow what a finale of Biggest Loser 11. Almost everyone came back for the weigh-in and by my count everyone lost more tonight. It was great to see all of the fanfare and excitement.

The finale of the Biggest Loser is always staged and it is crazy how setup it always looks but I always fall for the drama and stories. Tonight Biggest Loser 11 was no different.

Olivia Ward Biggest Loser Winner
Olivia Ward Biggest Loser 11 Winner

First the final four of Hannah Curlee, Olivia Ward, Irene Alvarado and Jay Jacobs was pared down to three. In the end America voted out Jay Jacobs and Irene Alvarado made it to the final three in…more on that later though.

As usual, on the Biggest Loser 11 finale, they trotted out each of the at home contestants and ed them in. The winner was Deni Hill although she looked a little too thin for me as we often see from at least one of the finalists at the end (remember Ali when she won? She looked freaky thin).

The the final happened and with all the fanfare sisters Hannah Curlee and Olivia Ward were each up against each other and Irene Alvarado.

Olivia Ward Biggest Loser 11 Winner

And the winner of Biggest Loser 11 is Olivia Ward. She looked really great, proportional and not scary skinny so I was pretty happy about it.

Next season we get Anna Kornikova as a new trainer and apparently the show with her and Bob Harper leading is going to be different. The creators of the show want to focus more on health than simply percentage loss so it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Looking forward to changes but also it was nice to watch the finale with Jillian Micheals leaving but still very gracious even though she never is as a trainer. I hope all the best for Jillian in the future and will have to write another article about her tomorrow. But tonight really belongs to the Biggest Loser 11 winner Olivia Ward.

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  1. where was Roulan ? why was he not at the finale & why was he NOT mentioned ? please respond . thank you .

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