May 19, 2024

Over the last few years as reality TV has taken over the airwaves (and our living rooms) we have had a chance to really see how people lose and the struggles that they run into in their loss journeys.

Yet even with the popularity of shows like The Biggest Loser people are still struggling with their . How can this be with millions of people watching these shows on a weekly basis?

Jessie Pavelka and Jennifer Widerstrom
Jessie Pavelka and Jennifer Widerstrom – New Biggest Loser Trainers

Well in my experience as a fitness blogger I get a lot of email and I think I have learned part of the big picture for what it takes to lose and what will help people really succeed in their loss dreams.

There are four things that make the difference between losing and keeping it off and not losing or almost worse yet, gaining it back. Here are the four things we can learn from the Biggest Loser.

What You Can Learn from Biggest Loser

Having a coach makes a difference – On the Biggest Loser Bob Harper, Jessie Pavelka, and Jennifer Widerstrom teach everyone to eat better and to train correctly.

Often the people that go to the Biggest Loser ranch have no clue just like most people that are over do not know how to exercise an d eat correctly. A coach makes all the difference.

A weekly deadline will crystalize your motivation – By using a weekly weigh in the folks that run the Biggest Loser know that they have to perform every week or else face getting kicked off the ranch.

One day dogging it in the gym or one bad meal can make a big difference and the competition is right next to you for you to understand how critical every action is. Make sure you don’t let you guard down.

It’s a journey not a sprint – How often do we see the people on the Biggest Loser lose lots of one week and then have trouble because they are burned out the next couple weeks? When you work it too hard then you will become disenchanted with your workouts and your eating sacrifices. You have to balance those hard workouts with some downtime so you don’t burn out.

It’s not just the eating, it’s WHY you are eating – We all seem to think that we are a machine. There are no emotions and any emotions that we have are under our control. But, how many times have you seen Bob Harper or Jessie Pavelka or Jennifer Widerstrom pull someone aside and drill down why they have gained the weight? There always tends to be an underlying reason why people got fat in the first place, find this reason and it will be a lot easier to make permanent changes in your life.

So take these four ideas down and think about them today. Really figure out if you are doing any of these things and see if they are helping you in your quest to lose your and change your life or if you should start applying at least one of these to give yourself a fighting chance in your loss battle.

3 thoughts on “Things The Biggest Loser Can Teach You

  1. I’ve been there and yeah, I completely agree that having a trainer will help. You’re accountable not only to yourself in that situation, but to your trainer. People naturally hate to disappoint…

  2. It’s not just the eating, it’s WHY you are eating – We all seem to think that we are a machine haha diabetes diet menu

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