March 28, 2023
Zone Diet Plan
Zone Diet Plan

The Zone Diet Plan is a popular diet plan among celebrities. People often choose a celebrity endorsed fad diet in order to lose weight. And if a fad diet is used and endorsed by their favorite celebrities, then they would obviously prefer it over other diets.

The Zone Diet is one of those Celebrity endorsed diets with users like Mekhi Phifer from ER, hockey player Brian Leetch, and Brad Pitt.

I will tell you to start that the Zone diet plan is difficult to follow but the carb to protein to fat levels seem to be quite good for any active person.

Now, as a matter of fact, just because a diet works for your favorite celebrity doesn’t mean that it would work for you too. Different people have different body compositions and what works for one doesn’t necessary work for another! Another thing to note is that the Zone diet is said to be miles apart from a strict vegetarian diet. Considering the fact that experts say that vegetarian diet is the best diet for quick loss, and that people who thrive on a vegetarian diet usually remain fit and healthy, you maybe curious as to how the Zone diet works.

So what is Zone diet plan all about?

According to the Zone die tplan, your meals must consist of 30% fat content, 40% carb content and 30% protein content. With this combination, your insulin level will be balanced. When your insulin level is balanced, you automatically lose (since higher levels of insulin trigger the storage of fatty tissues in our body). As you can see, the Zone diet is particularly useful for those who want to get rid of diabetes or any heart-related ailments.

Barry Sears is the creator of the Zone diet plan. Some people will call the Zone Diet a fad diet, I don’t know if that is true as the Zone Diet and variations of it have been around for quite some time. Considering the fact that the Zone diet is a fad diet, I have found that it is much more flexible than the other diets in the same category.

The problem with this diet, however, is that it is not only hard to follow, but it also comes with a couple disadvantages:

1. The recommended ratio of protein in the Zone diet is a bit high compared to protein and carbs. Experts however contend that the ratio of fat is all right

2. By restricting the intake of certain foods, the Zone diet also restricts the intake of the essential nutrients and vitamins. This can adversely affect your health so supplementing with multivitamins is essential.

So whats the verdict, Is the Zone Diet Plan any good?

I kind of like the Zone diet. As a book it is a great one to have in your bookshelf and try it out for yourself. When you do look around though the Zone diet plan is probably most popular with athletes as the high protein is especially good for people that need the muscle recovery.

4 thoughts on “Zone Diet Plan

  1. The zone diet is that if a person eats the correct ratio of carbohydrate to protein to fat, he/she will improve his or her health, , and performance because certain hormones like insulin will be balanced and therefore will be in the preferred zone. It doesn’t mean that when celebrities were using the diet we should use it because it might be advertise to promote the product and it might be a fake too. So, will going through the diet we should check it out whether it will really work or not but for this zone diet its good as it shows the right food to eat and to exercise regularly. This kind of losing is very safe and you will sure lose some . Thanks for the blog and I am looking forward to your blog.

  2. Kinda agree with this kind of diet but for me the best way to lose is the natural way which is choosing the right foods and to exercise regularly. Both choosing the right foods to eat and to exercise regularly should go together so that you will surely lose . This kind of losing is very safe and you will sure lose some . Thanks for this post and looking forward to read from your blog..

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