Natural Earache Remedies For You And Your Kids

Natural earache remedies are very popular because they are effective in so many cases. As a father with a couple of kids I have seen the problems that my kids and other peoples kids have for earaches and ear infections.

Usually you just give them some kids Tylenol but this may not actually be needed.

Are Natural Earache Remedies Effective?

ear-checkMost infections occur in the outer ear. These infections are easy to access with drops and they usually clear up fast. In these cases, yes, natural and home remedies can be very effective.

However, you should be sure what you are treating before you begin using any natural earache remedies because infections in the middle ear are much harder to treat and can be serious.

Middle ear infections are characterized by severe pain which is usually more acute than in an outer ear infection. In some cases, swelling occurs behind the eardrum to the point where the eardrum perforates to allow the pus to escape. This can cause long term deafness.

So it is very important to see a doctor before beginning any natural earache treatment, to be sure what type of infection it is.

Inner ear infections can also occur. Often these are not painful at all but the person’s balance is affected.

Cause And Prevention Of Ear Infections

earMany ear infections are caused by water or wind chilling the ear. Cover ears on cold, windy days and if kids come home wet, get them warm and dry as fast as possible.

Children and adults who are prone to sinus infections may develop ear infections along with that when they have a cold. Keeping warm and using remedies to prevent sinus blockage can also prevent earache in these cases.

Wearing a hat and ear coverings can help (even in the house). A lot of the body’s heat is lost through the head.

Natural Treatments For Earache

The best natural earache remedy that we have found is garlic mixed with olive oil. Take one clove of garlic and mix it in a blender with 3 tablespoons olive oil. Blend until smooth.

Lie (or have the child lie) on one side so that the painful ear is upward. Use 3 drops of the mixture and let it drip all the way into the ear canal. This means staying in position for around a half hour. Then keep the ear warm with an infra red lamp, electric blanket or similar.

Repeat the treatment 3 times a day. The olive oil will clear earwax, helping to clean out the infected area, and the garlic helps with infection.

Swimmer’s Ear

Water can become trapped in the outer ear after swimming or bathing, irritating the skin of the ear canal. Bacteria can then breed in the warm, wet ear and cause an infection.

Swimmer’s Ear can be prevented by treating the ear with drops of white vinegar after every time that you swim (or if your child puts their head under water at bath time). White vinegar can also be used to treat the problem but it is better to start before any pain develops.

If natural earache remedies do not resolve the problem in a couple of days, if the pain becomes worse, if there is fever or if there are signs that the infection has spread to the inner ear, you should see a doctor.

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