How to lose 100 pounds in a year

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This is one of those kind of crazy questions but interesting at the same time, How to lose 100 pounds.

If you are very over how would you lose 100 pounds in one year? Well I have never had to lose 100 pounds but am up for the challenge of how it can be done.

Can you lose 100 pounds in a year?

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First of all lets all be aware that losing 100 pounds in one year is certainly possible. Many people have achieved this feat and many will lose 100 pounds in a year in the future.

The math of losing 100 pounds in a year

There is simple math in how to lose 100 pounds in one year you would need to lose eight pounds a month for a year which is about 2 pounds for week.

Losing two pounds per week is certainly possible but the problem is that it is hard to keep this rate up for an entire year. You will find that you will lose far more than 10 pounds in your first month and then your loss will slow down after a couple of months only to pick up again in the last few months.

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Now As we all know there are two sides to the loss question: input and output that is caloric intake in eating and output when your metabolism is burning calories. This sounds easy and in fact it is an easy idea to understand and implement but it is very difficult to act on for any length of time.

Lose 100 pounds in a year plan

OK here it goes for how to lose 100 pounds in a year. First thing is to drop your caloric intake. For many people this may be really obvious but for most people it is a real education to find out what they are eating wrong and changing it.

First you will need to drop your calories that you take in probably significantly but take out some calories each week and watch how your body and energy react. Remember you are in this for the long haul not just a few weeks this time.

Your diet should get

  • 30 percent of its calories from protein,
  • 50 percent of its calories from carbohydrates and
  • 20 percent of calories from fats.

Remember fats contain twice the calories per pound that protein or carbohydrates contain so the fat level is actually quite low.

Next is to make sure that you are splitting your three main meals into six meals during the day to properly nourish your body and stop it from thinking that you are starving.

Drink lots of water. You will find that drinking a lot of water will help you lose up to 10 pounds all by itself in the first couple of weeks as your body stops being bloated and your equilibrium is reset.

Exercise to lose 100 pounds

Next is the exercise portion of your changes. Losing 100 pounds in a year just by eating correctly would be impossible as your body would quickly rebel against you.

You must get exercise for 30 minutes twice every day for six days a week. This means that some days will have cardio morning and night and some days will have one cardio workout and one workout.

The twice a day regimen is designed to keep you metabolism high all day instead of having it drop off 12 hours or so after your last workout, also having a lot of exercise will change the way that your body chemistry works.

The reason to do cardio is obvious and that is to raise your metabolism and burn calories.

How to lose 100 pounds

Doing weights is also very important as while you are losing you want to keep your muscle mass and of course muscle takes a lot more calories to maintain than fat so you will over time be burning even more calories than you are now.

The attitude that will lose you 100 pounds in a year

Lastly to lose 100 pounds in a year you need to change your entire attitude towards health, exercise, eating and your own confidence in life.

Making these changes may be very difficult but you are going to find that you have a much better chance of succeeding once you snap out of the way that you look at life and instead start to think about how your life is as a fit person.

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Stop comparing yourself to the people around you and instead join a running club or come other club that promotes health and where the idea of running 20 miles on a Sunday does not seem crazy like most people think but is instead just a fun afternoon outing.

This may seem like an oversimplification of what it takes to lose 100 pounds in a year and maybe it is.

There will be high points and low points in the next year but you will learn from your accomplishments and defeats how to change yourself as a person and make consistently1 better choices.

Good luck to you. Let me know how things are working out in your quest in how to lose 100 pounds.

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  1. says

    I lost 40 lbs of baby weight in a year and it was hard work. My last meal was 6 pm every day. I tried hard not to have any snacks after 6 pm, just water to drink. I ate a lot of vegetables and quinoa. I did cut down with the meat though. I tried to eat protein rich vegetables instead.
    The biggest struggle for me was when I didn’t see the results right away. It was hard to keep myself motivated and keep pushing. I started to set daily goals and keep a journal of my progress. This helped with my motivation.

  2. Denis Ernest says

    Thanks for the points shared on your blog. Yet another thing I would like to say is that -loss is not information on going on a celebrity diet and trying to reduce as much as you’re able in a few days. The most effective way in losing is by taking it bit by bit and right after some basic tips which can provide help to make the most from a attempt to drop some . You may be aware and be following some of these tips, nevertheless reinforcing information never does any damage.

  3. ASHLEY says

    WeLL Iam posting because my lifes about to change drastically Iam finally moving out of my parents house and trying to lose a 100 pounds in a year or as soon as possible tomorows my start date I am scaried and excited it will be a learning process . Wish me good luck.

  4. Darlene says

    We’ll, this is my first time ever posting something online regarding my . I am 31ys old and I just had my 3rd child and right now I am ready to lose 100 pounds in 1 yr. I am self motivated to do this, but right now I face the challenge of weighing myself and truly looking at myself in the mirror. I go back and forth in my mind about saying that I should love myself for who I am, but do I really? I am to the point that iI am tired of having the on my body and I do believe it is time to make a change, by the grace and the strength of The Lord Jesus Christ. This is the yr for me to focus and burn the fat off my body and renew my mind.

  5. Cat says

    Hey guys,
    So, Im 25, and last year I moved in with my boyfriend and stopped working. The area we are in is terrible. No jobs, scary people. Not great for just walking down to the store. Well when I moved I didnt realize how badly I would gain . I weigh 275 now. He popped the question last month, and I REFUSE to weigh this much in the wedding photos. I have no friends out here to go workout with, no job to get me off my butt. I just became lazy. And its killing my body. I want to be a healthy also so I can have children. I need the motivation. Help.

  6. hcg diet info portland ore says

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is
    added I get several emails with the same comment.

    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Thank you!

    • fitness guy says

      Claudette I looked and can not see you on the list at all. Can you let me know what your email is and I will remove it right away :) bill @ nadraszky . com

  7. Lisa says

    Hey all, I’ve posted before (search: Lisa) and I know it’s silly and there’s little chance of anyone reading this, but I’m back with another update. I started at 258 in Sept 2011, by March 2012 I was at 208. It’s now July 2012 and I’m around 190 (with a little fluctuation between 189-192 right now). That’s 68 pounds down! I probably won’t make it to -100 in one year, but I am SO HAPPY with my progress. You can see what I’ve been doing in my previous posts, but I’ve changed my routine a bit: now I’m using the Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe program and supplementing with cardio 1-2x a week. Keep working hard everyone!!

    • Denise says

      Hi Lisa, I saw your posts and just wanted to say thank you. I am happy to hear that you are doing well with your goals! You have came along way and your so close! Stay motivated!

      Your posts have helped to spark a fire within me. I am going to start my journey tomorrow. Sadly this is not my first time. I am 25 years old and I have been on a diet for as long as I can remember. In 2009 I lost 90 lbs (I was down to 155) with quick fixes and dangerous diet pills.

      Regretfully I have almost gained it all back. It really is a life style change. I knew that as I was constantly battling with the scale, but reality didn’t set until the damage was redone.

      I would like to post with you once a week. The fact that you stated that you felt there was little chance anyone would see this but you still took the time to post really touched me. Hope to hear back from you soon and good luck with your goals!!

    • Mila says

      Congratulations, Lisa!

      This is so inspirational! Thank you for sharing!
      With consistance and hard work you will achieve your goals – it really doesn’t matter how long it takes, but that you are determined and working on it! Good luck! Sending sweet thoughts towards you!

  8. nanette says

    i am 51 years old. I am approx 284 pounds. My goal is lose 150 pounds. I am very encouraged by everyone here. At the same tim i am discouraged. I’ve tried so many times. I am forever saying I have had enough. But I have found something to motivated. To see my children grow up and my grandchildren grow up. I have joined a gym and enjoying zumba. I have included some toning class and and little bit of lifting. I am encouraged. Exercising isn’t my main lack of discipline, eating is. Since my husband is always buying junk food or cooking ever worse food (fried this, smothered that, pizza, take out chicken). Often my will power gives in to the challenge. When I did loose it was when I lived alone and I wrong things weren’t in the house. I have asked him several times not to buy or cook it. It doesn’t help. Any suggestions for when you live in the house with people who does not cooperate. What do you think?

    Again thanks

    • Michelle says

      Hi Nanette,
      Sorry to hear that your loved one is sabotaging your loss goals. I don’t know the motivation behind these people but I think that sometimes, they are afraid they will lose you if you change and they want to keep you “the same,” which is in their comfort zone. Unfortunately, we do not have the power to control others, only ourselves, so congratulations on your goals. You CAN do it!

      You said that your eating (and exercise) both lack discipline. You can’t lose the amount of you want to lose by doing just one or the other, as individually, they offer limited success. Therefore, you MUST commit to both exercise AND diet. As for diet, I’m sure you’re already making great food choices but before your husband comes home with food in hand, or starts preparing less than healthy meals, isn’t it possible for you to get a workout in? After I workout, I find it VERY easy to ignore the temptation of poor food choices as I do not crave those foods when I’m active, and if I were to slip and eat them, well my stomach certainly doesn’t agree with me and it’s a good reminder of why I need to eat well, consistently. Also, I would suggest having a fiberful small meal or snack before your husband comes home, so that you physically can’t consume what he’s bringing into the house. Do include fibre in your diet, such as PX90 along with 16 oz of water at least, about 30 minutes before every meal (work your way up in fibre intake over about a week or so). Then fill up on clear soups (NOT creamy ones!), and veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, celery…which are all low calorie veggies that take up alot of space in your stomach. Write down EVERYTHING that you eat (and drink) in a day, including portion sizes. Be honest. It’s easy to “forget” that 500 calorie coffee with whipped cream that we enjoyed in the morning if we don’t write it down. When you see what you are eating in black and white, it’s easy to see where you’re on the right track – or not. If you’ve eaten by the time you’re husband comes home, and have just finished exercising, you certainly won’t feel hungry or even tempted to indulge in what he’s brought in the house. Trust me, I am a “foodie” and this has worked for me! Once your husband sees that you’re “sticking to your plan” regardless of what he’s doing, he will jump on board with you – although it may take time. Just reassure him that you still love him and do pay him attention so he doesn’t feel the need to compete with your new lifestyle (which he sees as a threat to him and your relationship together).

      As far as exercise, if you haven’t already, find an activity that you ENJOY doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s hiking, curling, bowling, walking…etc but it must be enjoyable for YOU. If you’re not sure where to start, or need support of others doing the same activities, there are meet-up groups that you can find in your local community that consist of people with the same interests (go on-line and look for these meet up groups in your area). If there isn’t one, why not start one? As for walking/jogging clubs, check out “learn to walk/run” programs at The Running Room or at your local city recreation centre or at the YMCA. Start with this activity at least once a week and increase your participation from there. You will quickly develop new friendships and support with group members once you start showing up consistently – they’ll rely on your participation as much as you rely on their motivation and support. It’s a win-win situation.

      You shouldn’t ignore training and indoor cardio. The latter, especially if you live in an area where weather can be severe the majority of the year (like what we go through in Canada!). If you’ve never really been to a gym or don’t have much experience, hire the services of a personal trainer once or twice so that they can go through the different machines with you and demonstrate the exercises for you to repeat during your workout. They can even create a customized workout for you, for a nominal fee. Be clear on your goals and level of commitment with your trainer – don’t tell him/her that you’ll work out 6 days a week on their program if you’re never going to go more than 1 -2 times per week! Be honest so that they can create the best workout for YOU for the first 2-3 months of your loss journey. The workout should challenge you but not leave you exhausted or so sore that you cannot move for several days. If you are working out on your own using cardio equipment, turn up the resistance so that you are working and not just using momentum to fuel your workout! I can’t tell you how many times I see women walking or jogging on a treadmill and yapping a mile a minute while doing so…they have the resistance so low that no part of their body, other than their jaw, is getting any exercise. If you’re using the treadmill, set it at an incline of 0.5 – 1% to start and then work at a speed that gets you slightly short of breath, like you’re running to catch a bus, for the majority of the workout. It is fine to work on a 0% incline at a pace that works up from a casual walk to a brisk walk for a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down at the beginning and end of your workout but other than these times, you should feel like you’re expending effort!
      I hope these tips help! I am a formerly heavy person (about the that you are currently) and have done all these things myself to lose . I also have a thyroid problem that makes losing even harder for me. However, I don’t look at food as a “diet” but as what I can enjoy for a lifestyle and exercise is not something that I “should do” but something that I look forward to doing. I am now a personal trainer and love sharing my knowledge with others. Good luck in your journey!

  9. says

    this is day one of my 100 lbs in one year initiative. it begins with a 10 day Master Cleanse and a 40 Day Journey. My first goal is 50lbs in 90 days. i will reward myself with one good at home exercise equipment when I meet this goal.

    • Dave says

      I am glad to see you are very motivated Karen, but 50lbs in 90 days is going to be hard and if you don’t hit that goal it may leave you feeling discouraged. I suggest you dial the goal back just a bit to maybe 35lbs so you can drop the safely and effectively. I wish you and everyone else on here the best of luck, now let’s get motivated and lose this !

  10. Loser says

    As some others have verified its possible to lose 100 pounds in a year through diet alone (I’m a guy, looking at the math its probably much harder for women unless they have substantially more than 100 pounds over).

    In my case, I took advantage of my inherent laziness and avoided keeping any food in the house, and logged everything I ate in MyFitnessPal with the mindset that I just wasn’t going to let the calorie number exceed my daily target. I also took vitamins. It probably helps that one of my prescriptions maintains dopamine level so that I’m less likely to eat out of boredom, but that’s speculation.

    That said, I have since gained back about 50 pounds and am relosing. I’m adding some cardio this time because anxiety was the key trigger in my lapse and exercising allows me to eat more.

    From my experience, if it all sounds daunting, I’d work on getting comfortable with a calorie deficit first then add in the exercise. This is where tracking what you eat has extra benefits. After a while, you know what the calorie contents of your most commonly eaten foods are, so when you burn 250 calories jogging, you know exactly how much extra food you can eat because of it.

    I’m also a huge fan of treadmills with heart rate monitors that auto adjust to keep you in your target heart rate zone. When I started using one I realized I’d been working out too hard, and that exercise wasn’t supposed to be so completely miserable Its still not completely pleasant but I’ll bet if you are completely sedentary like I was and you started a supposedly “basic” workout program without good guidance or biometrics, you’re probably pushing yourself too hard and wondering what quirk of genetics gives regular exercisers the ability to enjoy their workouts.

    • Michelle says

      Hello “Loser,”

      First, I must comment on your handle but “loser” sounds a little self-depreciating. I see what you’re trying to accomplish by choosing such a name but why don’t you try using something more accomplished, like “Winner!” or “Successful” to get your head in the -loss game along with your body?

      Also, I’m sorry to hear about your struggles of losing and regaining . It happens to all of us! The “trick” is to keep that regained to a minimum. I’m not a fan of using () scales as they measure , including daily fluctuations of water , but I AM a fan of keeping a pair of jeans in my closet and trying them on once a week to see how I’m doing! If they’re getting snug, back to a more disciplined program for a few days! This will keep you within 5 pounds of your . If the jeans are starting to get loose, then you know you’re headed in the right direction.

      I have a major concern with several comments you made. Such as, “I’d work on getting comfortable with a calorie deficit first then add in the exercise” and “exercising allows me to eat more” and “I’d been working out too hard” were the ones that REALLY caught me off guard! I don’t agree with this mentality at all as it’s a great way to set yourself up for failure, and regain of lost . Your goal in exercising should NOT be “how much MORE can I eat if I exercise” – especially if you are trying to drop a significant amount of ! The GOAL of exercise is to assist with creating a calorie deficit that doesn’t strictly lie with cutting back on food consumption. Why not change it to “Add in a daily exercise, then get comfortable with a calorie deficit?” It’s certainly easier to cut 500 calories per day through exercise than through diet! Also, when you exercise, you’re body is tightening and your metabolism increases for several hours post-workout, which continues to burn calories! Dieting causes the body to go into “starvation mode” and it is very efficient in holding on to whatever fat or water it can to protect the function of its organs. For best results of course, combine calorie restriction with exercise, but please start with adding in exercise first! And you shouldn’t calculate how many calories you burned through exercise so that you can go and consume them after the workout – you will NEVER lose so long as your calorie input meets or exceeds its output. Last, about “working out too hard” – people NEVER push themselves too hard to workout…unless you are having chest pain or are vomiting, you are not working out “too hard” and most people perceive they are working out harder than they actually are! I think that point you were trying to make is that exercise was not fun for you or maybe you thought you had to kill yourself to attain the benefits. Using a heart rate monitor is a great idea. Calculate the range where your heart rate should be, which is 60 – 80% of maximum heart rate. Do this using the following calculation: 220 – your age then multiply that result by 0.80 for the high end = this the your maximum heart rate. 220 – your age then multiply that result by 0.60 and this is the low range of where your heart rate should be during your workout). ie If you’re 30 years old, then your numbers will look like this: 220-30= 190 and 190 X 0.80 = 152bpm and 190 X 0.60 =114bpm You should maintain a sustained heart rate within the maximum and the lesser calculated variables. If you’re not doing this, what is the point of wearing a heart rate monitor? To show that you are still alive?? Also, when you’re on the treadmill (excluding your warmup and cool-down), you should be walking on an incline of 0.5 – 1.5% so as to increase the resistance without killing yourself. Focus on what you are doing – be mindful of your muscles working.

      Last, your comment, “started a supposedly “basic” workout program without good guidance or biometrics, you’re probably pushing yourself too hard” is also scary. You mentioned that you went from a sedentary way of life headlong into this “basic” workout program. While you have to start somewhere when first starting a program, I must ask you where you got your “basic” program from? And why didn’t you have guidance or biometrics? (I don’t even really know what you mean by biometrics??) You can start out by walking and that is something most people have been able to do since the age of 2…so I’m still not sure what biometrics to which you are referring. I would politely suggest that if you are going from a relatively sedentary lifestyle to one involving cardio training and you’re not really sure where to start or how to incorporate a new fitness workout into your lifestyle, then consult a personal trainer to work together with you for one or 2 workouts so that a challenging but achievable program can be safely set up for you to do. You do not need to kill yourself by diving into exercise head first so that it’s – how did you put it? – “completely miserable.” Exercise should be ENJOYABLE if you expect to continue…no one wants to draw a comparison with exercise and a root canal without anesthesia.

      While I applaud your efforts, I would suggest combining the services of a nutritionist along with a fitness trainer, and even a physiologist, to get your head AND body in the game. You can do all the exercise in the world but if you continue to reward yourself with food by making up the calorie deficit after exercise and continue to make self-depreciating comments, I can only see that you will have limited success with your loss journey – and will likely lose and regain the same over and over again.

      As Dr. Phil says, “How’s YOUR plan workin’ for ya?” If it’s not, then maybe it’s time to try something new.

  11. loseitgirl says

    In a wheelchair Im 372 Ive gain 72lbs in 3yrs since I lost my nerves Im tired of being so heavy I get so mad at myself eating fast food I want to lose that is the only issue preventing me to walk again is my I wish I had someone to talk to where do I begin?

    • Stephanie Munoz says

      Don’t give up sweetheart, start with cutting out fast food completely, it was very hard for me to do that because I was only on the road back and forth from school to work and that always seemed like the easiest thing. The easiest way to get started is to always have a healthy snack with you and a bottle of water, that way if you get hungry and want to go grab food, you have a snack right in your purse! =)

    • Tae says

      In January 1 2012 i ed at 384 pounds and i am 6’3 in Height ….Thats Def the biggest I have eva Been…So I Started Jogging/Played Basketball a couple times a week 4-5 . I didn’t workout the Whole February Because i fell Off but got back to it in March. I Cut out all Fast Foods while i treated myself every Blue Moon and had 3-4 days where i didn’t do anything but i got Back 2 it …I Only Drink Water , Juice Probably twice a Week.. Stay away from alot of Bread thats the New thing im trying ….Now July 2 2012 i 316 pounds and i gotta Lose 16 pounds this month #sheesh , Its Gonna be hard But i Know i Can Do it ….So keep it up Everybody ……Hopefully By January i can say i Lose 100 pounds or more

  12. Lynn says

    I am going to try to lose 100 pounds in a year. I started with just diet and a bit of exercise. I am looking for a progressively harder exercise plan to go from no exercise to fitness in one year also.

    • Stephanie Munoz says

      I am also starting the lose 100 pounds in a year thing, I am a full time college student and I have a job and as many of you I find it very hard to make time for excercise, but I just wanted to let you know that a morning run is a great way to start off your day. Take a drive around your neighborhood, there is probably a bike or walking trail where you can be every morning, and have a workout buddy they are always there to motivate and support you.

  13. Reece says

    I took a big hit. I lost 40 lbs last year and began a medication that made me gain it all plus some back. I have been doing watchers since march and have only lost 6lbs. It is a really slow frustrating start for me. I am trying to stay motivated to try to get the off.

    • Michelle says

      Weight Watchers is a great program since it is balanced and allows you to eat REAL food! Many people have achieved great success with the program. First, don’t compare yourself to others. Some people will lose 6lbs in a week, others will lose that amount in 6 weeks. It really doesn’t matter so long as you’re not gaining , right? Journalling your food is a great habit that WW preaches and helps you to become aware of what you are putting into your mouth, so use the tools they give you (there are many!) and stay the course.

      Also, WW recommends incorporating exercise into your -loss journey, however, you did not state whether you have done that yet. If all you’ve lost between March and June is 6lbs, I’m assuming that you haven’t increased your exercise. Be sure to use ALL the tools that WW suggests. If you’re struggling with the plan, be honest with the WW counsellors as they can give you some great tips that will get you moving in the right direction again. No one can help you if you suffer in silence.

      If you are struggling and need more support, attend a WW meeting in person MORE than once a week. (Your WW consultants usually encourage you to do this, if you mention that you are struggling with the program) There is WW at work to keep you strong during the work week (if not, start a group by contacting your WW Consultant to find out how) You can subscribe to WW on-line and they have recipe tips, tips for eating out, tips for incorporating exercise, tracking charts, food plans, etc. The TOOLS are there. The SUPPORT is there. Just DO it! You CAN win this battle. 😀

  14. adam says

    hi all my name is adam and i was wondering what should i do because after high school i got 2 years left and i’ll be joining the marines but i talked to a recruiter and he says im abit over i weigh 307 pounds and im trying to see what i must in order to join and which would be better to do walk a mile everyday or should i jog i can go about 4 minutes of jogging on a treadmill but im asking for some help if anyone would like to help

    • Michelle says

      Congratulations, Adam on your career ambitions! The military will get you into shape for sure but your recruiter was right, you’ll need to gain some fitness before you sign up. Basic training is NO picnic and you want to be prepared.

      For your goals, I would spend the money and hire a personal trainer. Be honest with him or her and tell them that you need to gain fitness in preparation for joining the military and the timeline (do you plan to sign up in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year?) They will design a program appropriate to your current level of conditioning with progression toward your 3, 6 or 12 month goals.

      You say that you have 2 years of high school left, so you’re 15 or 16 years old? You are in the prime of your life and body fat doesn’t stand a chance with the growing body (and metabolism) of a teenage boy. If you’re not sure what you should be eating, consult with a nutritionist or a balanced loss program, such as Weight Watchers, that will teach you the tools and what you need to know for losing and maintaining your loss going forward.

      You are essentially going to become a professional “athlete” so don’t go this alone. Hire the trainer to get you in physical shape, and a nutrition coach to teach you how to fuel your body at its best.

      Good luck!

  15. linda says

    started diet on january9th 2012 , have lost slowly eating better healthy foods ..have droped 23 lbs my problem is i have no engery to excerise i just cann’t bring myself to do them what should i do ..i know it i excerise i will lose more …help

    • Reece says

      Honestly, start small. Take a walk around the block. Sometimes you are going to have to push yourself to get up. As you start to walk you will get more energy. If you have to start with 15 minutes. If you are not used to exercising doing more may be too much anyway. In a week you will be able to do more and have energy.

    • Amilah says

      I started my healthy life style in March. I’m always tired when I get home from work too. You know what helps me? I have my tredmill in my living room. I get on it every night at 7:00 when Seinfeld comes on and I stay on it for an hour. If I’m tired, that’s okay, I’ll walk slower. The hardest part is getting up off the couch to do it – once you get going it’s all gravy! You also might want to try a multi vitamin from GNC called women’s ultra mega energy and metabolism. They smell and taste horrible, BUT I truly believe that they help give me more energy. I hope this helps you :) Cheers to smaller waist lines!

  16. says

    I lost 90lbs this last year(2/11-2/12). I didn’t excersise, just cut my cal’s and was strict to sticking to my goal. Quick rundown:
    28 yr old male, 6’3″:
    Maintained 230lb’s for all of my 20’s untill 09′ when I went into the hospital for a weekend( Nothing surgical) . Once i got out I craved sugar and just overall bad food. I gained 70lbs in about 7 months. I was then 300lbs. :O I was unemployeed and just stopped giving a shoot. Got a job and quickly got back on track. Just from eating less I managed to lose 90lbs in my first year. I ate very little to no fast food, very little sugar and pretty much was low carbing for the first couple months to get the wieght loss started. As my wieght decreased I slowly started treating myself but still stayed away from FF and processed sugars. Chips/crunchies are my weekness :).
    I didn’t have any type of workout routine, just the daily grind type stuff.. So as it stands i’m down to about 207lbs in just about 14 months. I averaged about 7-8lbs a month for the first 10 months, I’ve lost about 3-4lbs a month since.

    • Amilah says

      Congrats on your loss! I’m 6′ tall myself. I’m doing the same thing you did – LOTS of raw vegetables, lean meats and staying away from all processed and “white” foods….I will say it’s really difficult to keep a healthy goal and mindset when all other women’s goal s are 120 or 130 while mine is a manly 170. I just try not to think about it and remember that those numbers will never apply to me. It’s hard.

  17. Madeleine Kate says

    It’s not unrealistic to set a goal and lose 100 pounds just take one day at a time. I am down 44 and have 2 more sizes to lose to reach my goal. I am not in a rush because I don’t want have lose skin so the slower the better. this past November I saw a yahoo clip that gave me hope. I found the lady in it and have been e-mailing her. She has a great website with tips.

    here is the clip and the web.

    I thought if she can do it in her 40’s I can do it in my 30’s. Remember not to rush it. Let the come off slowly. Just start eating right. I have a big problem with feeding my emotions. Well finally I am in therapy dealing with them instead of eating them. Good luck everyone.

    • Tae says

      In January 1 2012 i ed at 384 pounds and i am 6’3 in Height ….Thats Def the biggest I have eva Been…So I Started Jogging/Played Basketball a couple times a week 4-5 . I didn’t workout the Whole February Because i fell Off but got back to it in March. I Cut out all Fast Foods while i treated myself every Blue Moon and had 3-4 days where i didn’t do anything but i got Back 2 it …I Only Drink Water , Juice Probably twice a Week.. Stay away from alot of Bread thats the New thing im trying ….Now July 2 2012 i 316 pounds and i gotta Lose 16 pounds this month #sheesh , Its Gonna be hard But i Know i Can Do it ….So keep it up Everybody ……Hopefully By January i can say i Lose 100 pounds or more

  18. signs of middle ear infection says

    Excellent website. A lot of useful info here. I’m sending it to some pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And naturally, thank you for your sweat!

  19. kfushia says

    All I can say is WOW! You are all awesome! (As I was reading through all of your posts I started crying, you touched and inspired me!) I have been about 100 lbs over since the birth of my son 11 years ago, and have hated myself every minute of it. I decided a couple of weeks ago to start doing something about it, and have been going for 1 miles brisk walks in the mornings, and monitoring what I eat better. After recording approximately how many cals I consume daily, and pouring over websites on metabolism, I have come to the conclusion that I have probably been in starvation mode for 10 years. I was again on the web trying to find the best way to come out of it without gaining more , and I found this web site. Now I know I can do it! Thank you all so much for reminding me that I am not alone!

  20. liam molloy says

    just an update one month since i last posted i am now down to 340lbs(loss of 38lbs to date) had a week off as i had a really bad chest infection but since then things have progressed i now do a training session at the gym ive called 1k friday. every friday i have to burn 1000+ cals (usually walking on treadmill for 1 1/2 hours) i dont give myself a time limit as long as i burn them. the change in weather now means im eating tuna salads for dinner or chicken kebabs or healthy living ready meals.i now have 2 weeks off work and plan to go to the gym everyday then take the family out to the park museums etc so hoping for a big loss this month

  21. -help says

    Hello There,
    I would like to share my story and anyone with any information for please let me know. I am 22 years old I am 5 foot 3 inches, I was always fit and active up until the last year and a half I went from being 130pounds to now 215pounds. Alot of this is due to changing jobs in a warehouse where I was walking around all day to being put in an office now where I sit on my butt for 9 hours a day! Along with not changing the food I ate when beginning my office job, I am really interested in losing (and plenty of it) my goal is 140 pounds. This means I would have to lose 75 pounds, I just started today with my 1200-1400 calorie diet a day! I will also be working out about 4-5 times a week including walking, and a little running when I find myself able to do so. I do have a bit of issues with my knees … If anyone has any suggestions please let me know .

    Thank You

    • inthesameboat says

      I am in the same boat as far as height, 5″3. However, I am topping out at 240lbs.

      I completely agree with most of the posts I’ve read. Eating healthy, non-processed foods. I know it sounds like a daunting task. Remember, you didn’t put on this overnight. We can’t expect to lose it overnight.

      Keep up the great work!!!!

    • mike says

      Well I have never loss I’v stayed 305 pounds for many years i’m 32 and 6 ft tall. my knees hurt running I’m always moving and it hurts i’m a maintenance man so i’m on thee go none stop. Also I ate candy drank 2 liter or more of coke every day crap loads of salt fried every thing so why was I 305 pounds hum. Well I stopped the pop that was a b$^ch that was my drug then I started a raw food diet but i hate to say diet. How about my life change. in the mornings I throw 3 to 4 banannas some 1% milk and frozen straw berry’s and what other fruit in there that i want use the bender grind it up and drink it on the way to work every morning. i eat fruits and veggies as snakes during the day I make lunch my biggest meal during the day like fish and brokly with lemon pepper on it yum and i also do stake with veggies eat a crap load of veggies first then your meat so you will fell full and not finish it all. also drink alot of water I hated water but after I my life change I drank it now love it Gallon or more a day it’s day 30 Im now at 279 veggies and fruits are good carbs eat lol. And also try to eat by 6 to 630 for dinner after i eat I go for a bike ride thats my work out remember i said It hurts my knees to run so I ride 6 to 7 miles a night and it makes me burn and i keep getting stroger every day any my knees dont hurt but my thighs and cav’s burn I hope this help email me and tell me if it works for you to if you try it good luck screw that SECCEED with It.

  22. Lisa says

    Hey everyone, I’ve posted a few times before (search: lisa) but I just wanted to come back and share my progress, since I know reading all of the posts helped me (especially STBFBG). So an update: Sept 2011 I weighed 258. It is now March 15, 2012 and I am proud to say I weighed in at 208 lbs! That’s a 50 pound -loss exactly in just over 6 months, so I am right on track with my goals. Eating clean and exercising ( training for muscle retention, cardio for endurance and overall mental health) has me looking and feeling so much better! I also use to log my calorie intake (I try to keep it between 1200-1500 a day to lose 1-2 lbs a week) and I make sure to get at least 90 g of protein everyday! That’s it! It’s actually so much easier than I ever thought it would be once I put my mind to it.

    Just wanted to encourage everyone else out there and let you know that YOU CAN DO IT TOO just start today, start now, stop reading and go do some jumping jacks, take a walk around the block, write down a meal plan for the week. I’m over halfway there! YIPEE!

    • melissa says

      Lisa, I need to lose 120 lbs and I feel overwhelmed. I have some knowledge of what you are saying, but I have some questions around your meal planning and protien intake. Is there a way to contact you?

      • Lisa says

        Sure! I log everything I eat on (I swear I don’t work for that site or make a commission, haha) and my food diary is open to the public. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to see it without an account by going to this link That way you can see what/when/how I eat every day and I can answer specific questions! :)

  23. Scarlett says

    I really need help losing i,m 15 almost 16 only 4’11 and a half and weigh maybe 209 i tried to give up sweet teat so i had less sugar in take i eat small portions but never eat breakfast, if i do its a fruit cup thats it…also i do cheerleading every monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday for 2 to 3 hours then on saturday…but nothing seems to help…not to mention my mom who is not very supportive…all she ever tells me to do is lose she never will help me…please help..i need tips to please my mom

    • Julie says

      Have you seen a doctor? You sound like me and others who have PCOS. It’s really, really hard for us to lose as we have insulin resistance and can only follow specific diets and exercise plans to lose ( loss based on glycemic load / index). If you do have it, it’s important to be diagnosed early as the syndrome leads to infertility (not to scare you). I would strongly recommend that you see a OB/GYN for a PCOS diagnostic. When you make the appointment, make sure you see someone with PCOS experience. Don’t see a family doctor. More than likely, they will order the wrong tests and give you a clean slate. See an experienced GYN to be sure that you really have an accurate check. Simple blood tests and answering questions related to your hair growth, periods, loss inability, etc. will be all the doctor needs to do. is the main support and informational site that we use.

  24. snicolee says

    i am 14 years old about 5’4 i weigh 199 and would like to be at 150 but i have tried everything as in Sensa & Hydroxycut & Weight watchers , &Slim fast & atkins & the tuna diet and nothing works i just keep gaining i really need help on looseing im tired of being picked on at school and being told by my family im too big i really need help i am in athletics and i play basketball and softball and still that dosent help. i am very fusterated so jus please help me ? :(

    • Melanie says

      Getting healthy and losing is not about a diet its a lifestyle change. Stop drinking soda and drink water instead for example. Don’t eat junk eat and watch your portions. Be active try to excercise one hour a day or at least 30 minutes.

    • Ann Taylor says

      MTV had a good loss programme for teens –loosing in 90 days — watch it to motivate yourself and set a goal.

    • Michelle says

      Hi Snicolee,

      It sounds like you are doing a lot of the right things. One thing I would suggest is to get your thyroid hormones checked. I, like you, was having limited success with loss despite using diet and exercise regularly. I had hired a personal trainer and even saw a nutritionist but I still had limited success with my diet, and my energy was in the toilet!

      My family doctor referred me to an endocrinologist and one blood test later, I was diagnosed as Hypothryroid. My thyroid hormones were low, which affected my metabolism and dropped it to a snail’s pace. However, following that diagnosis I was able to get the treatment that I needed…which is just a daily oral medication that I must take for the rest of my life.

      Your family doctor would be able to order this blood test – just tell him/her that you would like your thyroid hormones checked. You never know, maybe this can rule out or rule in something that is affecting your loss?

  25. Melanie says

    What is up with all theses kids trying to lose ? WOW lol, anyways here’s my story.. As a teenager I lost about 80 pounds and after 5 years I couldnt keep up with my unhealthy lifestyle so put it all back on. I am 24 now and had a baby 9 months ago. I started to lose in November lost 22 pounds since then lately I havent been losing a lot cause I guess my excercise routine was too short. Now I walk one hour and a half a day to 3 hours a day and eat about 1000-15000 calories a day I drink plenty of water, I avoid sugar and I currently 225 pounds and mesure 5 foot 8. I know it seems heavy lol, but I dont look my . According to a calculator I found online an hour and a half walk at moderate speed for my and age burns 608 calories. Do you think if I keep this up, I will get back into the 100?s soon like 4-5 months? I mean like 190 lol for me, when I get there I might wanna get lower. THANK YOU!

    • Melanie says

      Oops sorry about that I just copied and paste my post from the other categorie lose 10 pounds, there were theses kids 10 yrs old who wanted to starve themselves to lose 10 pounds so thats why i was saying that lol

  26. says

    Well that is week 9 done and think I have hit the dreaded plateau. Done my usual work out in gym over the week. as best as I could any way with a hernia and didn’t lose anymore . My rocketed down from when I started at 294 lbs to 242 lbs. Hopefully its just a blip in my regime and I continue to lose in the coming weeks. Have started introducing more foods into my diet so if I don’t lose any next week I will go back to my diet that I started with and see how that goes. Been going so well and this happens it really pissed me off but can’t stop now I’m past half way point. Would appreciate any tips that could help in getting off this plateau asap off anyone who has experienced this. It’s a reall kick in the teeth to not see any results after working so hard over the week. Thanks and good luck

  27. says

    Hi all. Finally back on internet now after a month. Been reading all the new posts since I last posted and you all seem to be doing great so well done keep it up. I am coming up on week 9 now and as of last week I had lost 52 lbs so over half way now. Did set a year as the target to lose 100lbs but the way I’m currently going I might reach that target by my birthday in July. Had to slow down and take it easy in the gym over the last week after getting a hernia and going to see the surgeon on the 15th but not causing to much probs at the mo so going to keep going till I have to have surgery on it. Can’t believe I have lost so much in such a short time. I have been eating around 1500 cals a day with as little as possible fats and more importantly saturated fats and its just enough intake to last the whole day and not feel hungry. To ugly boy congrats on your loss keep it up your doing great. Not sure about the name though. Shouldn’t put yourself down with such a name. I know you will be proud of what you have achieved so far. I know I am proud of where I’m at now my target is in sight. Not sure if its me your trying to contact but if it is my email is my week 9 is up this coming Tuesday so hopefully I will have lost a few more pounds so will post how its gone then. Congrats all and don’t give up and keep believing. Bye for now :-)

  28. liam molloy says

    i got diagnoised with type 2 diabetes in August 2011. i am 34 years old and weighed in at 380 lbs at the start of Jan i weighed in at 359lbs. I have now joined a gym and work out 3 times a week walking on treadmill and exercise bike with a 10min light s work out. i am now down to 352lbs hoping to be down to 300lbs by june.i have good diet days and if i do slip up 1 day i just move on and learn from it. I find watching the diet programmes on tv give me ideas and show me im not the only one fighting this battle. If anyone needs help or a chat leave a comment or send me an email and i’ll help you out any way i can. To all you that have posted keep up the good work dont give in

      • liam molloy says

        if i can inspire just one person to do what im doing it makes it twice as rewarding good luck and if u ever feel the need for further inspiration keep an eye on my updates

    • liam molloy says

      just an update one month since i last posted i am now down to 340lbs had a week off as i had a really bad chest infection but since then things have progressed i now do a training session at the gym ive called 1k friday. every friday i have to burn 1000+ cals (usually walking on treadmill for 1 1/2 hours) i dont give myself a time limit as long as i burn them. the change in weather now means im eating tuna salads for dinner or chicken kebabs or healthy living ready meals.i now have 2 weeks off work and plan to go to the gym everyday then take the family out to the park museums etc so hoping for a big loss this month.

  29. jessica says

    well i’m a teenager and i weighed 60 pounds last year and guess what now, i weigh 40 pounds cos i excercise don’t eat too much chocolate and don’t eat too much fatty food. that’s the secrete of becoming slim fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Aury says

      that is just unhealthy hun. It is one thing to eat well but it sounds like you aren’t eating much at all be careful with yourself. weighing so little can put a strain on all natural body functions leading to serious issues.

  30. Cole says

    Well, just stumbled across this page and it was kind of inspiring. I’m 30 yes old 5’4 and weigh 280lbs. I’ve been big all my life, was at @230 all through high school. Tried everything to lose . Nothing works. Tried slim fast for two months, nothing. Just bought zumba, I’m soooo out of shape, after 20 min. Thought I was dying. But it was fun, I love to dance. I was in dance, and karate when I was younger, and still after I hit my teen years I have always been over 220.

  31. Samantha frank says

    I am a 20’year old female 4’10 and I weigh 186 , I want to lose about 90 pounds by the end of the year , what would be my calorie intake to achieve my goal? Thanks!

  32. vanny says

    ok i am a 5ft 10 teenage girl who 229 pounds and hope to lose 40 pounds by july is february now. i just started running and dancing for 45 minutes every morning, and drinking more water, eating barely nothing, drinking lemon… am i doing this wirte please tell me what to do please

    • Celena says

      Hi there.. you have the running sancing and drinking more water part down right.. but the eating barely nothing is not going to help you in the long run… you need to keep feeding yourself in small amounts of nutritious food.. so that your body gets the energy it needs… or it will go get somewhere else like your muscles. A little trick if you keep your calories at 10 time the you want (ex: if you are aiming at 180 pounds… x 10 = 1800 a day and then exercise daily you will be able to lose the maybe not your entire 40lbs but close.. :)

    • says

      Hi Vanny….Please feel free to contact me…, or or visit my other website to send me contact info. I’m afraid eating barely anything makes your body store FAT not drop it…I can explain further. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

  33. says

    Hello! I believed I might send a fast remark considering that I’ve spent the better part of the previous 30 minutes scanning through your weblog posts. I am truly liking what you have received going on here with your blog and I do hope you keep writing it. Properly that is nearly all I have to say! Many thanks!

  34. janna says

    This article has been helpful! I am one if the people who wants to lost 100 pounds!! I jus started at a gym, what equipment would be best for me to use? I want my belly,thighs and arm fat gone!!!! Thanks so much :)

    • Ashley says

      Ask a gym member, they should be more n happy to help you about the machines and their uses! And yea, i am in the same boat to! Lose a 100 pounds so i can join the military. Keep at it and dont give up! Also music helps while working out big time! =)

  35. says

    If you really want to lose you will need to change three things. You will firstly need to change your diet. You don’t have to go on a diet and cut down what you eat. Just replace all of the unhealthy stuff you currently eat with healthier options. Secondly you have got to exercise. You don’t have to go all out and go till you pass out. Just what you are comfortable with. Walking, biking and swimming are brilliant cardio exercises. Esp swimming which works the whole body. Once your comfortable with the pace you have set then up it another 10-15 mins and so on. Thirdly you need a powerfull motivation in order to keep going. Something that means more to you than anything you have. Something you would give anything for such as being able to see your kids grow up or gran kids grow. Untill the 4 of Jan I couldnt find a reason and up untill that point I was in a really low place and just wished it would end. But I found a reason to do this and although I’m only quarter way there it is what keeps me going. And like the previous post said I’m now addicted to losing . Also music helps me while I’m exercising. Little lyrics such as ‘ what’s worth the prize is always worth the fight’ which is from the song if today was your last day motivate me to keep going. I also allow myself 1 day a week (sunday) where I can relax and not think about the gym or my diet and can eat a good relatively healthy meal (usually a roast dinner) knowing that I have earned it. You say that your 52 and I know I said you don’t have to diet just change it but I chose to diet because I’m 25 now and don’t want to be knocking on the pearly gates in the next 10 yrs or so. How ever you chose to go for it I hope it works out for you and you reach your desired so good luck.

  36. redriverbluesman says

    I’m 52 years old, weigh 308 lbs, and want to get down to 185. Need to lose123 pounds. Any help appreciated. I don’t want to diet, I just want to develop new, sustainable, behaviours.
    Many motivating posts here.

    • Antonio says

      You can do it just go out and find people who like to walk and ride bikes for fun instead of going out to the latest restaurant or having cookouts. If you cannot find anyone you can do it yourself. You can move while watching tv shows, tv commercials, or just do it while sitting down and moving. Anything is a start and there are a lot of healthy foods out there just them out and learn how to to make them yourself. Once the start coming off you will be addicted to loosing more than eating your favorite fat saturated meal or sweet.

      • redriverbluesman says

        I’ve picked up on exercise but it sucks walking in the winter with all our slush, ice, and snow. Anyway, am walking for 2 miles, about 5 times per week and doing about 40 min of cardio at the gym another 3 days per week. Doing light , trying not to injure myself, about 30 min twice per week. Looking like I’ll have to up my gym visits and as the weather improves I’ll incorporate more walking, and cycling outside. I do ride a bike. Thanks for your support.

    • Kim says

      At 308lbs, I’m guessing that bike riding is maybe out of the question and walking is great, if you don’t have to go too far, right? Well, I’m almost in the same situation I guess. Only my left hip was crushed and rebuilt 6 years ago and I’m now at 228lbs, trying to get down to my goal of 135 to be healthier and to get the hip replacement that I need. I have been charting my activities and food intake on WebMD. I cut out all fried foods and Most breads and use my Wii tennis twice a day for about 1/2 hour each time. I also need to use a shopping cart to take off of my hip, but I wander a grocery store reading food labels A LOT now. It’s informative and it burns calories. Just remember, any and all activity that you add burns calories. Dishes, sex, laundry, browsing in stores… anything.
      And look for comparable substitutes to the foods you are accustomed to. If you like chips, try lite or fat free chips, the Lays ones are great. I buy single serving bags of these at subway or the minimarts. If you like miracle whip, use the easy squeeze lite mw, or lite mayo. You’ll be surprised at the difference in calories.
      Heres a lunch sandwich I want to share with you. It’s a favorite of mine now and only has about 210 calories
      1 natures own whole grain sandwich round
      1/4 of a med sized apple sliced thin
      1/4 of a cucumber sliced thin
      handful of raw baby spinach
      1/2 pkg Buddig meats, any all packages are 90 calories if u use the whole thing
      1 1/2 tblsp miracle whip lite
      1 tablespoon mustard, mixed with 1/2 pkt of stevia sweetener
      Pile it all on the round and enjoy, it’s very filling , gives good fiber and lots of other nutrients

      • redriverbluesman says

        Hey, Kim…I actually meant the above statement re biking for you. Yes, I do like riding a bike, even at my . As soon as the snow melts I’m going to consider using my bike a lot more, even for work (a fairly long ride and am not certain I can do it often as I use my car for my job too).
        I’m with you on the carb. i read the book Wheat Belly, and have been eating far fewer carbs overall. I am trying to obsess less on my intake and just am getting use to smaller portions. My danger time is the evening, and I have to confess, I like my alcohol too much. Am trying only to drink on weekends, if at all.
        Thanks for your feedback.

    • Celena says

      Hi there I am a tad younger but I know what you want to achieve.. I started at 327 pounds and am now at 272.. I lost my first 50 pounds with minimum exercise (walking here and there but thats it) the loss was related to the way I started to view food. (thats a long story)
      I eat of everything (except bread and pasta, very very rarely do I eat those) the difference is in what amount… I keep my calories to 1800 or so a day (10 times the i am aiming for which is at around 180)­.. trust me when your body goes from eating 2500-3500 calories a day to 1800 it reacts.. but dont overdo it… the first 2 weeks is hardest not snacking on everything or eating huge amount of things (I always keep baby carottes, blueberries or a piece of fruit around in case i am very hungry). I would say i eat about 5-6 times a day (about 300 calories at a time). I dont count calories very specifically but I know what they are worth.. exemple I know that an egg is approx. 100 calories, that a slice of bread is about that too.. (yes it may vary between 85-115) but I dont get too obsessive about it. I do however give myself 1 meal of whatever I want during the week..and sometimes i dont even want to be that bad.. ill have something i wouldnt have like hotdogs, i no longer have this need to indulge in large amounts of food (and thats something as I ve been a plus size girl since im 13)… I am down almost 3 sizes and I have about 3 to go..

      I havent given myself a specific goal as I have noticed that sometimes i lose faster and then other times I might stay at same for a week or two.. I try to have tiny goals and trust me it is more motivating to see the little picture then the big one… like one of my firsts goals was to get under 300.. boy was I happy to see 299… since then its been 10 lbs goals.. out of the 90, the 80s and now i,m 2 lbs away from out of the 70s. :) I see the difference in my clothes (im almost out of plus size clothing.. wow to be able to buy clothes anywhere that is a dream of mine).

      ok im rambling on if you want to talk..

      • redriverbluesman says

        I enjoyed your ramble, Celina…. good work. Keep it up. You’ve motivated me and, even though I’m a guy, I too look forward to actually being able to shop for clothes without having to go to Mr. Big and Tall!!! (which is super expensive, by the way)!

  37. says

    If you are determined enough to lose then 1 year is not that long for you. Just continue to monitor your diet and you’ll be surprised to have a fine body physique.

  38. cd says

    Hi there, very inspired by all of your postings! I am 32 y.o. female and just got the nerve to buy a scale today. I weighed in at 250.4 :( that’s the highest i’ve ever been. I started changing my eating habits last weekend and went to a cool kickboxing gym today… the front desk guy was kind of a jerk but the trainers were cool so I will probably start going. :) I finally feel motivated to lose this and am accepting what I need to do. 100 pounds as least. I feel sad because this happened before. I was up to 245 about 6 years ago and I lost about 100 the old fashioned way through lots of cardio and eating right… a few ex boyfriends, parents divorce, and some job changes later here I am again. Well, I guess if I did it before… I can do it again? I have to. I hope I can make a life change this time for good. Any support is appreciated! And any advice too! :)

  39. says

    Just completed week 4 of my diet and exercising and really going great now. I set my self a year to lose 98 pound which would take me to my ideal body of 14 stone. As of last Tuesdays weigh in I had lost 18 pound and now tonights weigh in I have lost 26 pound. I’m absolutely thrilled to bits with this and although I know this pace won’t last it would be brilliant if I could lose twice as much by my birthday in July. Good luck all and keep going.

  40. mick w says

    Just done my weekly weigh in for the 3rd week now which I’m doing every Tuesday night. I started out 3 weeks ago weighing 294 lbs. At my last weigh in I was down to 284 lbs. Now tonights weigh in I am down to 276 lbs. I couldn’t believe I had lost so much from my last weigh in and had to weigh my self 3 times to make sure and came up with same each time. I’m over the moon with this because I have worked really hard over the last 3 weeks with my diet and the gym and getting good results from it now. Can’t wait for next weigh in now and hopefully ill have lost even more. Just incase any of you haven’t settled on a diet yet I settled for the soup diet and seems to be working now. Just an idea some of you might want to try. Good luck with whichever diet and execise regime you all choose to stick with and once again hope you all reach your goals.

    • db says

      I’m in the same boat you are. I weigh 289 (was weighing 180 when I was married), and need to lose it bad. my family is over, so having a hard time but going to start this program and hope it helps. I dislocated my knee in a work injury so it’s hard to do some exercises and running, but hopefully cutting calories will help. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. I need help!!!!

      • Kim says

        two words, Wii Tennis. My hip was crushed and rebuilt with screws and plated, too young for hip replacement and was in too much trauma for the surgery at the time of the accident. Also , many many moons ago, a crushed rt knee cap so I get where u are coming from. Wii tennis is great . you can work up a real sweat and not have to do any bouncing around on your lower joints, you just sort of sway with the motion of the swings, also the Wii baseball is great. I’m not the only one touting Wii. I’ve volunteered at nursing homes where they use the Wii even for people in wheelchairs, because ANY exercise is good exercise.

  41. Gail says

    I enjoyed reading some of the posts. I need to loose at least 100 pounds, but have very bad knees. I have no friends or support network so I am hoping that this will be the place for me. Thanks everyone.

    • Beth says may have the support you need. It’s all FREE and there are teams you can join and people you can connect with…of all ages.

    • Kim says

      Try looking online , utube or arthritis websites for videos of chair/sitting exercises. There are some really good ones that basicly involve using light free s or exer-bands for your arms while “marching” while sitting. These are great for toning and strengthening your erector muscles, lower back and tummy because they insist you sit up straight while doing them. If this is uncomfortable, try using a small, child’s playground ball to support the arch of your back while in a straight backed (diner or conference room style) chair, leaning back onto the ball. This helped me because it took some of the stress off of my hips and knees and acted like a tri pod of support while exercising.

    • says

      I too have had problems with my knees and also swelling. Oddly enough after I excercise I really feel better. I don’t seem to have as many problems with my knees as well. I am just starting and I am 5’5 and weigh 346. I started slow but within two weeks I was walking a mile and a half and ridding almost two miles on the bike at the gym. Who Knew!

  42. Sandie L says

    Has anyone looked into Juicing to help aid loss? I watched Fat, Sick, and Almost dead on netflix and it had me thinking. Even if you did a 7 day juiceing detox, you can lose anywhere from 10-40lbs! Throw in exercise and watch the drop. I am getting a juicer and trying it for at least a day and see if I can handle that.. then take it 1 day at a time. Some have done it for 60 days and lost up to 110lbs. If this will help get my energy back, clear my skin issues with hives/rashes, ect.. It is worth the effort. Purchasing my juicer tomorrow. everything I have read about juiceing showed nothing negative. You are getting the nutrition your body has been missing. I havea recipe that I will try and I have been told it almost tastes like lemonade.. I might like this after all!

      • jay says

        Juicing is great but can get VERY expensive. Just a thought and something I did last year was I bought several packs of seeds (cucumber/tomato/spinach/peppers/onions) and planted them indoors. Planted WAY more than needed and offered to a local friend who has an annual garden. I told him he could have all of them (dozens and dozens of started plants) if I could pick when needed. He was thrilled not to have to buy the plants and tilled up several extra rows in his garden. I spent about $60 and juiced fresh juice for $0 all summer. Just a thought.

        Good luck to all!

  43. Mike says

    Hello All,

    Long time no post…partially because every once in a while the site owners decide to require registration to post and then reverse their decision when they see that nobody is posting at all…..anywhoo…..

    Tomorrow is the 1-year anniversary of my journey. I have lost 130lbs over the last year…dropping from 386 to 256. My goal at the moment is 225 lbs so I am almost there. Pant size went from the 60+ neighborhood to 40-42″ I no longer have to buy big and tall crap and fit into XL jackets and shirts now. Bloodpressure went from something like (and I forget exactly) 130-140 / 90-95 to 117-120 / 70-75 along with seriously good triglyceride levels and healthy HDL levels. LDL still a little high but that isn’t necessarily all related and I need a follow up study because there are 2 types of LDL and they think I have the “good” type and not the bad one. Resting heartrate started 75-80 and it had dipped into the low 40’s but has settled in the mid-50’s. They think the low 40’s was my body adjusting to just being a lot smaller and still having a larger blood volume.

    Truthfully, I reached this 130lb loss months ago but have been flat from Thanksgiving through now…and I am actually thrilled about it because I ate like a pig (for my new lifestyle) and managed to still hold steady. Also, now that it’s all over I got right back on the horse.

    I wish you all luck! If you have questions, feel free to ask or search for some of my posts below, also posted under my name “Mike”

    • ugly boy says

      hey Mike , congrats . Just wanted to let you know your post’s changed a lot in me , from 240 pounds i came to 170 pounds . If possible drop your email id

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