How to lose 100 pounds in a year

This is one of those kind of crazy questions but interesting at the same time, How to lose 100 pounds.

If you are very over how would you lose 100 pounds in one year? Well I have never had to lose 100 pounds but am up for the challenge of how it can be done.

Can you lose 100 pounds in a year?

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First of all lets all be aware that losing 100 pounds in one year is certainly possible. Many people have achieved this feat and many will lose 100 pounds in a year in the future.

The math of losing 100 pounds in a year

There is simple math in how to lose 100 pounds in one year you would need to lose eight pounds a month for a year which is about 2 pounds for week.

Losing two pounds per week is certainly possible but the problem is that it is hard to keep this rate up for an entire year. You will find that you will lose far more than 10 pounds in your first month and then your loss will slow down after a couple of months only to pick up again in the last few months.

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Now As we all know there are two sides to the loss question: input and output that is caloric intake in eating and output when your metabolism is burning calories. This sounds easy and in fact it is an easy idea to understand and implement but it is very difficult to act on for any length of time.

Lose 100 pounds in a year plan

OK here it goes for how to lose 100 pounds in a year. First thing is to drop your caloric intake. For many people this may be really obvious but for most people it is a real education to find out what they are eating wrong and changing it.

First you will need to drop your calories that you take in probably significantly but take out some calories each week and watch how your body and energy react. Remember you are in this for the long haul not just a few weeks this time.

Your diet should get

  • 30 percent of its calories from protein,
  • 50 percent of its calories from carbohydrates and
  • 20 percent of calories from fats.

Remember fats contain twice the calories per pound that protein or carbohydrates contain so the fat level is actually quite low.

Next is to make sure that you are splitting your three main meals into six meals during the day to properly nourish your body and stop it from thinking that you are starving.

Drink lots of water. You will find that drinking a lot of water will help you lose up to 10 pounds all by itself in the first couple of weeks as your body stops being bloated and your equilibrium is reset.

Exercise to lose 100 pounds

Next is the exercise portion of your changes. Losing 100 pounds in a year just by eating correctly would be impossible as your body would quickly rebel against you.

You must get exercise for 30 minutes twice every day for six days a week. This means that some days will have cardio morning and night and some days will have one cardio workout and one workout.

The twice a day regimen is designed to keep you metabolism high all day instead of having it drop off 12 hours or so after your last workout, also having a lot of exercise will change the way that your body chemistry works.

The reason to do cardio is obvious and that is to raise your metabolism and burn calories.

How to lose 100 pounds

Doing weights is also very important as while you are losing you want to keep your muscle mass and of course muscle takes a lot more calories to maintain than fat so you will over time be burning even more calories than you are now.

The attitude that will lose you 100 pounds in a year

Lastly to lose 100 pounds in a year you need to change your entire attitude towards health, exercise, eating and your own confidence in life.

Making these changes may be very difficult but you are going to find that you have a much better chance of succeeding once you snap out of the way that you look at life and instead start to think about how your life is as a fit person.

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Stop comparing yourself to the people around you and instead join a running club or come other club that promotes health and where the idea of running 20 miles on a Sunday does not seem crazy like most people think but is instead just a fun afternoon outing.

This may seem like an oversimplification of what it takes to lose 100 pounds in a year and maybe it is.

There will be high points and low points in the next year but you will learn from your accomplishments and defeats how to change yourself as a person and make consistently1 better choices.

Good luck to you. Let me know how things are working out in your quest in how to lose 100 pounds.

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