November 28, 2023

Is there such a thing as 8 pack abs? Everyone talks about building a great 6 pack but really if you are very lean and have the musculature for it then you can actually upgrade to 8 pack abs.

Exercises for 8 pack abs

The key here to build the ultimate torso is to make sure that you are working your obliques, which are on the sides of your abs.

Also to build 8 pack abs you need to build the upper and lower abs very well by doing various leg lifting type exercises as well as upper body raising exercises.

Upper Ab Exercise for 8 Pack Abs

Building 8 pack abs
Building 8 pack abs

Anytime that you are moving your upper body towards your abs you are working your upper abs.

So this includes exercise such as crunches, situps, and any other exercise of this sort that will put pressure on your upper abs through pulling up your upper body.

Lower Ab Exercises for 8 pack abs

Lower abs are worked by raising your legs up towards your upper body while lying down.

The best exercises to work these lower ab muscles are thing like leg raises, alternating leg raises and when I do these exercises I will bring my knees up towards my chest and then raise my butt slightly off the ground to get a nice tight peak contraction. This will make a big difference

There is another kind of exercise as well which is to do exercises that will lift your body at an angle. Think about those exercises that your left leg meets your right elbow and your right leg meets your left elbow.

Traverse Abdominus for 8 Pack Abs

Finally for 8 pack abs there is a muscle called the traverse abdominus, is an abdominal muscle whose function is not to cause movement of the spine, but instead to keep the waist nicely tucked in.

To train traverse abdominus, all you have to do is suck your stomach in.

I’m serious; believe it or not, that is the purpose of that muscle.

So by exhaling all of the air out of your lungs and bringing the navel as close as possible to your spine you will be training the TVA and thus creating the appearance of a smaller waist and better 8 pack abs.

Because of the type of muscle, the traverse abdominus can be trained every day at any time. Three sets of 30-second reps would be great.

Fat Loss and 8 pack abs

To build 8 pack abs though it takes even more than just great workouts in the gym. You also need to drop all the fat in your midsection. Look at the picture above.

These abs are fantastic and you can imagine those 8 pack abs are not only tough to diet down to and build up in the gym but also you need to have the special genetics and the muscles that it will take.

Genetics you can do nothing about but loss you can. For bodybuilders it is a matter of dieting down by cutting carbs and this alone can be enough to bring out 8 pack abs.

No matter what you are looking for you can still, just by exercising and dieting that you can build a great set of 8 pack abs

13 thoughts on “8 pack abs

  1. i’m a 12 year old boy and i have an eight pack, ha i bet most of yall dont have an 8 pack do yall!!!

  2. seriously, listen to the ppl talking about genetics, you CANT have an 8 pack if you dont have the legit muscles there, which is why some ripped dudes have a six pack and a really defined V. either way, it is something to be proud of

  3. I don’t believe in all those diets or routines and what does and doesn’t work. All you need to do is what feels good to you. I have a wonderful physique and really I have learned what exercises work and get the results I want for my body. The most important thing is that YOU HAVE TO WANT IT. otherwise you will not get anywhere. Do what works for you whether its busting your ass in the gym or not if i get you there it gets you there don’t let someone tell you how to do something if it works for you then that is all that matters Period…….

  4. 8 packs are genetic. No matter how hard you try, you can’t grow extra abs. You can only make them bigger and more defined by reducing body fat.

  5. I’m 14 years old and i have a 6 pack and i dont do nothing but push ups sit ups and cardio and im almost to a 8 pack

  6. Their is a lot of work that goes into getting abs like that. It has a lot to do with cardio training and strength training. With more emphasis placed on strength training.

  7. My 15 year old son has had an 8 pack of abs for as long as I can remember & he eats pretty much whatever. He eats junk food but doesnt seem to gain a pound. He’s 15 & 5 ‘8 now but only weighs around 120. Im thinking its gentics, but skipped my generation.

  8. having good abs isnt too difficult if your up and doing stuff every day instead of sitting around and then going to the gym for an hour. You have to show your body that you need the muscles in your everyday life or you wont see any progress. I’v had abs since i was 12 or 13 and never singed up for a gym just being active every day and situps and pushups is all you need to be fit.

  9. My son has 8 pk abs, although he is only 4 yrs old. He has been doing exercises such as basket hangs since he turned 1. I’m not sure he has an ounce of fat on his body, even though he still eats the same junk as a normal 4 yr old. He is 44″ tall and weighs only 35lbs. It is definately based on genetics.

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