Why You’re Gaining Weight While Working Out

Are you concerned because you’re gaining weight while working out? Both can happen at the same time? Many people work out and diet in order to lose excess pounds, but sometimes they gain weight instead. Before you start to panic or have doubts about your weight-loss program, let’s find out why you’re putting on more […]

Micheal Geary- Truth About Six Pack Abs Writer

Six Pack Abs Review

Six pack abs. I have never personally cared about getting six pack abs but when I look around I see that most guys and gals really do care about having great six pack abs. There is not anything better looking on a beach then a nice firm body oiled up with a tight midsection and […]


How To Track Your Bodyfat Percentage

You may have already heard that to track your bodyfat percentage is one of the best ways to track your loss progress, as this way you can be certain that you are losing fat and not water or muscle. There are several methods available for you to figure out your bodyfat percentage; some can be […]

effects of childhood obesity

Health Risks of Childhood Obesity

There is a lot of concern over the growing rate of childhood obesity today.  In the United States, at least one child in every five is over or obese.  Genetic factors play a role but the primary causes of obesity are consumption of high-calorie foods and inadequate physical activity. Due to the rising rate of […]


Top Apartment Workout Tips

I get email all the time with articles that may help the fitness tips for life readers and this one came in today from the people at What a great bunch of tips for people living in apartments to get or stay in shape when there is not gym nearby. Especially now in winter. […]


Steps to Successful Workout

Everyone seems to be shouting these days that in order to lose and get fit you need to workout, workout and workout. At least, that seems to be the general refrain amongst today’s fitness experts. However, rarely, if ever, does one care to offer a step by step workout plan that even newbies can understand […]

Calorie burning exercises

Calorie burning exercises

Calorie burning exercises are all around us and we need to look at the best way to use our time to burn the calories from the food that we eat. For an individual who is over, exercising to lose that is one of the most rewarding activities you will ever embark upon.  However, there are […]


50 Snacks under 50 Calories

Between meals there is always that urge to eat a snack. I can attest to the fact that I am always hungry so when I found this list of 50 snacks under 50 calories on the Readers Digest site it really caught my eye. Who else would be interested in snacks that are satisfying for […]

biggest loser

First Looks at Biggest Loser 2014

Tonight is the first episode of the newest Season of Biggest Loser 2014. Are you going to be watching tonight? I know that I am but my wife says she will pass. Lots of big changes in the Biggest Loser world with Jillian Micheals having leaft the show. And a couple of new trainers Jennifer […]

do more that makes you awesome

10 Ways to Change Your Life

In the world of personal development there’s always a new method to try or a new idea to pursue or a new mindset to adopt to achieve better results to change your life. The problem is these short ‘solutions’ often get people initially pumped up to make some sort of change, but if the results […]