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Learn How Strong I AM

Just put together this little image today. Do you like the sentiment. Be beautiful but also be strong. Your inner strength and outer strength have to match! It is only when we really work at something. Improving our health. Improving our Eating. Improving our Exercise….. that we really see what we are made of If […]

10 Day Cleanse

Juice Cleansing for Weight Loss

Using Juice Cleansing for Weight Loss can help you achieve your goals in a variety of ways. It can reduce cravings, jumpstart your metabolism, support your bodys fat-burning processes, reduce your bodys acidity, and detoxify your fat cells. The modern diet is lacking in many of the nutrients that our bodies desperately need. That is why […]

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Val Kilmer and His Recent Weight Loss

Years back I was a big Val Kilmer fan. Hard not to be, he was a great villain in Top Gun, great as Jim Morrison in The Doors movie, and even Thunderheart. But those movies were in the late 80s and early 90s so of course the young Val Kilmer has ahd a chance to grow […]

BSN True-Mass Ultra-Premium

BSN True-Mass Ultra-Premium AM to PM Lean Mass Gainer Review

When regular meals cannot provide the calories, nutrients and protein you need to build lean muscle mass, the BSN True-Mass Ultra-Premium AM to PM Lean Mass Gainer is one of the best supplements you can take. It contains a unique blend of proteins from 6 different sources, providing you with a constant and sustainable supply […]

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10 Reasons To Lose Weight

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to lose weight. Those reasons may be for the purpose of beauty, lifestyle, or health. However, the weight loss journey itself can be difficult, and it’s even more difficult to stay motivated and carry on. If you find yourself in a situation where your morale is low, here […]


How Fast Should You See Results When Trying To Lose Weight?

Losing is no walk in the park. You probably already know that it is a difficult process, one that requires willpower, patience, and determination. We all know that we need to , but we all want to see results yesterday. The main question people have when they first set out on a loss journey is […]

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice for Weight Loss

Aloe Vera And Its Benefits Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant known for its cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. It”s widely cultivated and used as an alternative cure for different health conditions. Aloe Vera is commonly used for the following purposes: It is used as an additional ingredient in lotions and body creams because of its soothing and […]

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The Happiness Project

Well I started reading this book called The Happiness Project. My wife bought it a while ago and after I stumbled through Eat, Pray, Love I thought it would be great to get another soul.empowering type book under my belt Gretchen Rubin who wrote this book is a real pro in the writing game and […]


146 Reasons Why Sugar is bad

No way, is it really true? Next time you are about to unwrap a chcolate bar or pop open that pop think about this list by Nancy Appleton, a PHD that wrote the book Lick the sugar habit. I thought I knew why sugar was bad but here are well over 100 reasons why you […]