How to Stop a Migraine

Natural Cures for Migraines

You may find that natural cures for migraines can work as well if not better than pharmaceutical products. Natural cures for migraines involve physical, psychological as well as nutritional aspects. While typical medicine does work, people are starting to give more interest to alternative cures and medicine. These may work in conjunction with the medicine […]


Beat Eczema with These Home Remedies

Home remedies are treatment options that you can easily perform at home like the following. Just becasue it is a home remedy does not mean that it is lower quality, in fact many home remedies are cheaper and more effective than Big Pharma can sell you in a pill Often times, home remedies double as […]

Portion Control Tips

10 Portion Control Tips for Fast Weight Loss

Portions are some of the hardest things to control. It is fairly simple to think, no cookies but when it comes to 2 cookies, what is 1 more cookie? Looking to use leftovers but do not want to eat them all? Here are some tips to control your portions and help you lose . Portion […]

Creator of Turbulence Training

How Best to Do Cardio Exercise

I wanted to post this question and answer from the guy that created the Turbulence Training program, Craig Ballantyne, ┬ábecause I know how many people just run through their cardio without doing it the right way. It is not a pleasant jog or a sprint you are looking for but instead something in between that […]


Should I Become a Vegetarian?

Should I become a vegetarian? That’s a question many people ask themselves after reading articles or maybe books about diet, health and nutrition. There is so much conflicting information about which diet is healthiest, or best for loss, that subjects like this can be very confusing indeed. There is no single answer for everyone. Aside […]

What is Good Bacteria

What is Good Bacteria?

There is lots of confusion about bacteria in our body and what is good bacteria. We all seem to avoid bacteria in our lives and this is usually a good idea although it is also good to make sure that we are not being crazy avoiding bad bacteria. There is also another type of bacteria, […]

Household Mold

Household Mold Causes Childhood Asthma?

Three specific species of mold were more common in the homes of babies who later developed asthma. The finding highlights the importance of preventing water damage and mold growth in households with infants. ┬áPenicillium variabile, one of the mold species most associated with asthma.Image by David Gregory and Debbie Marshall, Wellcome Images. All rights reserved […]

quit smoking

Real Costs of Smoking

There are some real costs of smoking that you m ay not be aware of. Advertisers and tobacco companies would have us believe that smoking is not only cool, but that it will elevate your social standing and improve your relationships. This could not be further from the truth. The black and white days of […]


Hiking for Fitness

If outdoor fitness has been your road not taken, summer may be perfect time to ditch those climate-controlled Pilates classes and take a hike. “The Green Mountains of Vermont is the gym in our backyard,” said Jimmy LeSage, owner of the New Life Hiking Spa in Killington, Vermont. “You get to be in nature. It’s […]


Procrastination and Missed Opportunity

I and many others have a problems with procrastination. There are a few ways to win the battle of procrastination but one of the big one is to look at the loss of opportunity when it comes to procrastination. How Procrastination Hurts Us One of the problems with procrastination is that when we decide through […]