Hiking for Fitness

If outdoor fitness has been your road not taken, summer may be perfect time to ditch those climate-controlled Pilates classes and take a hike. “The Green Mountains of Vermont is the gym in our backyard,” said Jimmy LeSage, owner of the New Life Hiking Spa in Killington, Vermont. “You get to be in nature. It’s […]


Procrastination and Missed Opportunity

I and many others have a problems with procrastination. There are a few ways to win the battle of procrastination but one of the big one is to look at the loss of opportunity when it comes to procrastination. How Procrastination Hurts Us One of the problems with procrastination is that when we decide through […]

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High Intensity Interval Training

One of the greatest ways to exercise is to use a very quick and heavy workout with weights. This method is called High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT and is one of the greatest ways to have a weight workout. The main advantages to doing this type of workout is that you keep your concentration […]


Your Body And Antioxidant Foods

Even though a lot of people don’t actually realize it, a lot of antioxidant foods that we consume are from vegetables. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and peppers are all excellent choices with some great benefits for your body. When consuming vegetables, you should always go for those that are rich in color, as […]


Jillian Michaels Diet Plan

We all know Jillian Michaels diet plan and exercise program from the Biggest Loser, it is hard, aggressive and loud. Well Jillian Michaels diet plan is now online and she is offering a free body analysis as well as a cheap $4 a week plan that will give you all the tools to lose now. […]


What Are the Nine Bodyparts of a Better Life?

A while back I was thinking of a more holistic way of working out, cardio, eating, sleeping and all those other tasks that we do that are really more an idea of wellness than anything else. I was thinking that there needs to be a way to break all of these down and put them […]


What are food allergies?

A food allergy is a reaction by the body’s immune system. When a person is sensitive to a food, such as peanuts, the immune system overreacts when the person comes in contact with that food. True food allergies are quite rare, affecting only about 1 % of adults and about 5% of children. Food Allergy […]

Fitness Tips for Men: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you concerned about the extra pounds on your belly? You should be. Studies show that over men whose waistlines exceed 40 inches are at greater risk of suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to get back in shape. The following fitness tips for men will help you […]


The Dumbbell Swing

The dumbbell swing engages most of the muscles along the posterior chain, which basically refers to your back, from the calves and hamstrings all the way to the upper trapezius. Other muscles include the deltoids, the rectus abdominis and the forearms. The force generated by the swing also engages significant joint activity in the knees, […]


Why Do I Need To Set Goals?

The importance of setting goals is an open secret known by top caliber athletes, successful businessmen and businesswomen and all types of achievers in all the different fields. The point of setting goals is that they give you short-term and long-term motivation and focus. They help you set your mind on getting to know what […]