Halloween Candy

Evil Halloween Candy

Those little Halloween candies looking at you from the bowl, little, bright colored and just jumping up with the sweet chocolate that you know that you love so much are very very evil. You know you want one, you yearn for one or two but as you try you just can not say no….or can […]


Halloween Candy Eating Tips

Halloween Candy Eating Tips. Kids love candy and Halloween is a great time to celebrate that love. However, what is a parent to do if they are worried about tooth decay from all this candy consumption? Candy usually contains sugar, which the bacteria that cause tooth decay dine on. Halloween Candy Eating Tips So eating […]

family breakfast

Dieting and Family Get Togethers

One of the toughest challenges facing a committed dieter is the Dreaded Family Get Together. Whether it’s a holiday feast or the annual summer barbeque, family dynamics and expectations can play havoc on a dieter both emotionally and at the scale. The best way to survive a food-heavy family gathering is to commit to choosing […]


Can Increased Stress Levels Make Us Fat?

For most people today, increased stress levels are a regular part of life. Our schedules are full, our lives are complicated and the demands on our time just keep increasing. There’s plenty of stress to go around for everyone! But, is that stress making us fat? The answer to that question really depends on how […]

cup of tea

How to Avoid Eating When Bored

One of the positive aspects of working is that a dieter is busy and occupied and, in theory, doesn’t have time to overeat. The office candy dish or lunch out with associates may be tempting.  But generally when hard at work, it’s a little easier to diet. Being at home during the day can be […]

kitchen scale

Dieting Tools Everyone Should Own

As with any project, having the right tool is essential.  Dieting is no different. Diet support tools may not prevent a dieter from eating chocolate cake, but they will help the dieter get a handle on how much chocolate cake he/she can have without blowing the diet (that would be a slither of cake). These […]

Making Your Kitchen Diet Friendly

Making Your Kitchen Diet Friendly

A kitchen stocked with ice cream, potato chips and chocolate cakes can be challenging for a dieter.  It’s a no brainer: to support a diet, eliminate the high calories temptations – right away! However, there are other – more subtle ways – to make your kitchen more diet friendly. Making Your Kitchen Diet Friendly Get […]


Wine and Dieting

There’s a camaraderie to having a glass of wine with friends or family before dinner. And there’s no question that sipping a glass of wine with dinner can enhance the meal. However, many dieters avoid having a glass of wine because they fear the calories.  While others enjoy a glass of wine and then find […]

people drinking water

Breaking Through Weight Loss Plateaus

Plateaus are a major factor in diet failures. A successful and motivated dieter can go for months watching the scale drop and then hit the diet plateau brick wall. There is nothing more discouraging than faithfully sticking to a diet plan, then have the scale get stuck for several weeks or even a month. What […]

Health Benefits of Beer

Drinking Beer on a Diet

Is it possible for a dieter to drink beer without getting a beer belly? Good news: Yes (with the right low calorie beers)! Bad news: No you cannot accompany that beer with nachos, pizza and peanuts. Calories make us fat – whether they come from beer or chips and dip. Of course not all beers […]