How to Increase and Boost Your Metabolism

This great article from Sheri Strykowski about metabolism boosting foods  and how to increase metabolism that is sure to have you nodding your head in agreement but there are a few that will probably be new to you as well.

Here are 10 metabolism boosting foods that will increase your metabolism and help you lose weight by boosting metabolism

metabolism boosting foods

I have made comments in bold just to highlight some of my own opinions on how to increase metabolism. 

Stoke your metabolic fire and burn calories faster with diet-friendly foods and beverages. Post this list on your fridge next to the photo of you in your “skinny jeans” and make a copy to bring with you the next time you shop for groceries.

Just remember: Calories count, portion control rules and there’s no substitute for a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. So get moving!

How to Increase Metabolism

1. Water – A new study seems to indicate that drinking water actually speeds up weight loss and is a great way how to increase metabolism. Researchers in Germany found that subjects of the study increased their metabolic rates (the rate at which calories are burned) by 30 percent after drinking approximately 17 ounces of water.

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Water is also a natural appetite suppressant that banishes bloat as it flushes out sodium and toxins. Drinking enough water will also help keep you from mistaking thirst for hunger. So drink up!

Make sure that you are starting your day with a big big glass of water and drink throughout the day not just all at one time.

2. Green Tea – Studies show that green tea extracts boost metabolism and may aid in weight loss. This mood-enhancing tea has also been reported to contain anti-cancer properties and help prevent heart disease. It’s also a trendy drink among health-conscious celebrities.

You may Have already seen my green tea articles but this may be one really fantastic herb and it tastes nice too!

3. Soup – Eat less and burn fat faster by having a bowl of soup as an appetizer or a snack. According to a Penn State University study, soup is a super appetite suppressant because it’s made up of a hunger-satisfying combination of liquids and solids. In the study, women chose one of three 270-calorie snacks before lunch.

Women who had chicken and rice soup as a snack consumed an average of 100 fewer calories than those in the study who opted for a chicken and rice casserole or the casserole and a glass of water.

I used to joke that soup is not a meal but it really does fill you for very few calories and remember that when you eat a food with a lot of taste it really will satisfy.

4. Grapefruit – The grapefruit diet is not a myth. Researchers at Scripps Clinic found that participants who ate half a grapefruit with each meal in a 12-week period lost an average of 3.6 pounds.

The study indicates that the unique chemical properties in this vitamin C-packed citrus fruit reduce insulin levels, which promotes loss and boost metabolism. NOTE: If you are taking medication, check with your doctor about any potentially adverse interactions with grapefruit.

Grapefruit, because of the soft peel is a nice alternative to an apple of orange and study after study of the last 30 years has shown that it can really help burn fat.

5. Apples and Pears – Over women who ate the equivalent of three small apples or pears a day lost more weight on a low-calorie diet than women who didn’t add fruit to their diet, according to researchers from the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

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Fruit eaters also ate fewer calories overall. So next time you need to satisfy a sugar craving, reach for this low-calorie, high-fiber snack. You’ll feel full longer and eat less.

6. Broccoli – Study after study links calcium and loss. Broccoli is not only high in calcium, but also loaded with vitamin C, which boosts calcium absorption. This member of the nutritious cabbage family also has plenty of vitamin A, folate and fiber. And, at just 20-calories per cup, this weight-loss superfood not only fights fat but also contains powerful phytochemicals that boost your immunity and protect against disease.

7. Low-Fat Yogurt – Dairy products can boost weight loss efforts, according to a study in the April issue of Obesity Research. People on a reduced-calorie diet who included three to four servings of dairy foods lost significantly more than those who ate a low-dairy diet containing the same number of calories. Low-fat yogurt is a rich source of -loss-friendly calcium, providing about 450 mg (about half the recommended daily allowance for women ages 19-50) per 8-ounce serving, as well as 12 grams of protein.

As far as superfood go Yogurt is right there. It includes calcium, protein and a ton of other nutrients as well as good bacteria and probiotics for you digestive tract.

8. Lean Turkey – Rev up your fat-burning engine with this bodybuilder favorite. Countless studies have shown that protein can help boost metabolism, lose fat and build lean muscle tissue so you burn more calories. A 3-ounce serving of boneless, skinless lean turkey breast weighs in at 120 calories and provides 26 grams of appetite-curbing protein, 1 gram of fat and 0 grams of saturated fat.

With the price of chicken going up and up these days Turkey has become a great alternative. Remember that Turkey is a little tougher than chicken and the taste is a little different but it is not just for Thanksgiving and Christmas anymore.

9. Oatmeal – This heart-healthy favorite ranks high on the good carb list, because it’s a good source of cholesterol-fighting, fat-soluble fiber (7 grams per 3/4-cup serving) that keeps you full and provides you with the energy you need to make the most of your workouts. Just be sure to choose steel cut or rolled oats, not instant oatmeal, to get your full dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

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For many years now Pro Bodybuilders have relied on Oatmeal as a staple of their breakfast, it is amazingly high in nutrients.

10. Hot Peppers – Eating hot peppers can speed up and boost metabolism and cool your cravings, researchers at Laval University in Canada found. Here’s why: Capsaicin (a chemical found in jalapeno and cayenne peppers) temporarily stimulates your body to release more stress hormones, which speeds up your metabolism and causes you to burn more calories.

Metabolism Boosting Foods

Here’s how these 10 fat-blasting superstars help you lose and how to increase metabolism.

how to increase metabolismEach of these healthy weight-loss boosters fills you up and keeps you full longer on fewer calories.

how to increase metabolismWater-rich fresh fruits, veggies and soup dilute the calories in your food and allow you to eat more without breaking the calorie bank.

how to increase metabolismHigh-fiber fruit, vegetables and nutritious whole grains keep your digestive system on track and steady insulin levels, which prevents fat storage.

how to increase metabolismLean meat boosts metabolism and burns calories because it take more energy to digest than other foods.

Another Good way how to increase metabolism is to try a new diet that cycles your calories with some on day and other days off of your diet. This is a new style diet that works great, the name, Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Check out the review that I have done of the diet that is really built to boost metabolism.

metabolism boosting foods

Sheri Strykowski is a freelance journalist who specializes in health, fitness and lifestyle. Her articles have appeared in The Chicago Tribune, Lerner newspapers and National Safety Council publications. Tell us all your Metabolism Boosting Foods in the comments below.

Free Fit In 30 Days Email Course Change your life in only three weeks with free and simple lifestyle changes that will dramatically change your quality of life.What will you get? More energy, better concentration, become stronger, fitter and sleep better.

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  1. Bella Diamond says

    Having metabolism helps you lose . Also, if you go into cold water in the shower for 30 seconds each night (or more) if helps you lose fast! excer

    • lord of the flies says

      Really? “Having metabolism helps you lose “? I should think it shows your alive. Does anyone read what they write anymore.

      • Angie says

        Really? Do you? It’s “you’re,” not “your.” Actually, the whole point of the article is increasing metabolism, not being criticized by the grammar police, but since you started it…

  2. Socflww says

    Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

  3. Tim Moore says

    what a lot of responses!..i too am having troubles ..Sciatica nreve, can hardly stand now..i used to walk on the machine at home , but now that is hard..i am looking for foods to boost Metab, and i will try trouble is once i get home,i like to nibble on everything!..i guess its the willpower..

  4. Rabbit Lab says

    Thank you for this informative article.

    I am 32 and 170cm (5’7″) and I gained 20kg (44lbs) in 10 years. The belly fat I have started to disturb me lately and a month ago I started to read and watch anything about -loss on your own. For the first time in my life I started to change my habits to lose .

    Three weeks ago I was about 85kg (187lbs) and I started to regulate my eating habit.

    Two weeks ago I was about 84kg (185lbs) and I started to give importance to the calories and foods I eat.

    A week ago I was about 82kg (180lbs) and I started one-hour-walking every evening at a pace of 3.5mph.

    Today I am about 81kg (178lbs) and I still have long way to my ideal 65kg (143lbs) as in 10 years ago.

    Finally I am not considering this change as a temporary-phase of my life. I am doing this change and I want to stick with this change through-out my life.

    Wish me luck :)

    • tiredmom says

      Good luck ! It is hard to change our life styles. It can happen , I think with your determination you will go well. Keep up the good work! :)



  6. Grace Boza says

    Good information that I have learned today, I can add some of them to my list. Losing should be fun and exciting. I have been eating Hot Peppers but I do not know that it burn more calories from the body, I eat it just to make food taste good, but now I know the benefit of it. There are lots of diets out there most people don’t know about, they do work great in losing , boost your metabolism; Burns fat and flush toxins out of the body, reduce blood sugar, and lowers cholesterol levels. I have been consistently shedding off pounds and having fun eating African Mango fruit and I would like to bring the idea to you folks. Why not try African Mango diet?

  7. Bert says

    Great info that I can add to my menu. Losing should be fun and exciting. A lot of diets are boring and most people don’t follow through with their program because its not fun and most of the time, lonely.
    I have been consistently shedding off pounds and having fun eating!! the secret is to have mouth watering dishes and recipes. Be creative. Remember, health and wellness is a lifestyle and not seasonal. Thanks

  8. Colin Hall says

    Excellent article. I have found that eating spicy foods in small amounts throughout the day can really help burn the fat. It’s more about controlling the hunger pangs and limiting the calories, so keep a really hot chilli in the fridge and snack on it cold (a few spoonfuls is enough to kill hunger) or if you fancy heating up food to eat then vegetable curry is a superb meta-booster.

    All the best … Col :-)

    • Ash says

      So I have read all the posts, great advice. I’m looking for the best way to boost my metabolism and I’m thinking it might be trianing?? I started on a health kick late January. Cut out the fast foods that I was eating twice a day, yes I was really unhealthy, but wait it gets worse!! (Or may be possibly better) I started moving as the only exercise I was getting was half hour a day walking the dogs. Now I run 5 km 3-4 times a week. I also quit smoking 5 weeks ago. I was smoking a pack a day for about 16 years. I needed to quit as I was finding running and breathing almost impossible–WHEEEZZZEEE-. So at fisrt with healthier eating, cutting out the toxic fast food, exercising I was dropping the pounds. I started at 130lbs-goal 110lbs (I’m only 5’1). Since I quit smoking I have not been able to drop a single pound. Ive started gaining. I’m still exercising, running as well as walking the dogs. I count my calories, overdose in Vit C, try to keep active, no more junk food.. I cant think of anything else I can do. Maybe training is the ways to go ?? I think that it was smoking and bad eating habits that really messed up my metabolism, I dont know if I can ever repair it, feeling a litttle hopeless

      • lizS says

        Have you had your thyroid checked? Apparently it is pretty common in woman, some of the symptoms are cold feet and hands, unexplained gain, constipation, sluggish/ lack of energy and sore muscles. Might be worth looking in to. Also, it said that it was nearly impossible to loss with a hypoactive thyroid.

      • Rochelle says

        Smoking definitely boosts ur metabolism yes it’s bad for you but that it why you are gaining I knowi am a smoker and when I quit a year ago I gained 20 lbs so I started right back smoking cigs and I haven’t gained a lb since :(. But now I am thinking of quitting smoking again … But I’ll def be eating/drinking more metab boosters before I quit my cigs again cause I def do not want to gain any

  9. Mark Thomas says

    been reading the information and many of the responses……myself, a former Marine but now seeing considerable grey in the beard (been out of uniform since ’93). I am also pushing close to 50, while my knees, back and ankles are nearly worn out and in rough shape. Growing up, my metabolism was in in overdrive, until I hit 30, then came to a screeching halt. Having spent 10 years in the military, I know about the benefits of excercize, but find myself physically incapable of doing any strenuous workouts due to the bodily aches and mobility pains. I am also a chunky 250 lbs. This year I intend to start walking (I cannot run, my ankles will not permit it any longer) to shed that poundage. I am also at risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. I want to see my son and daughter graduate High School (former is 16, latter is 5).
    Thanks for the tips in this article. It is well past time I re-motivated myself and get back into decent shape.
    For those of you who are much younger than I, a word of advice…no matter your body type, or current (it will fluctuate as you get older), just be happy with who you are and do not let others put you down for the way you look. It is far better to be comfortable being you than to try to fit into the image others expect you to have. You will be happier that way. There is more to life outside of school, and it is easier to live when you are a happy person who is happy with who you are.

    • Evan says

      Start swimming man. Works out every muscle in your body. It is a low impact exercise and one of the best cardiovascular exercises you can do.

  10. jessa says

    Hey I’m a college student. in 5’6 137 pounds. I’m a full individual. Im rarely get time to eat properly bc of work n school. N I’ve recently became so desperate to the point where i decided to take zantrex 3. I risked my life, the pills gave me such a rabbit heart beat; i thought i was dying. what are ways that I can lose safely?

    • laurie says

      Cook up a big batch of oatmeal, portion out of it for daily use in the microwave, its much faster and there isn’t any reason why 2 minutes for breakfast, or any meal should be impossible, when you have the time, make a large bowl of salad cut up in the fridge, boil some eggs and keep hard boiled eggs on hand to chop one up and put in the salad when you’re in a hurry. Putting your heart at that kind of a risk could cause more problems for you well after you have lost the .

    • michelle says

      You might also want to consider seeing your doc and get yourself to a nutritionist. You may already be at your ideal , at that height. Losing too much could put your health at risk as well.

    • chris says

      Food can not increase your metabolism. No matter what you hear. The only way is to increase your physical activity. Having tone muscles is the key. Take a look at what they are proposing in this article. dinking water? well duh, you drink more water and less calorie drinks, you feel full and do not eat as much. This is why you lose . Think these steps through before falling for this myth. only exercise will increase your metabolism.

      • Aisha says

        But we all know that the combination of physical activity and healthy eating is what helps to build strong muscles, which in turn increase metabolism for loss. So, it is a combination and a cycle. I do not think that the article is saying to eat these foods and you will not have to exercise, it is simply giving you an idea of the foods you can eat with your exercise routine.

    • Michael Pothier says

      I am on Kevin Trudeau;s loss program. before I really start on his program I undergo a candida yeast cleanse which I am almost finished. Next will be a liver detox program and fnish up with a haevy metal cleanse.. As part of this I cut out white sugar completely and replaced this with natural unprocessed cane sugar, honey, maple syrup. coconut sugar and the like. He recommends raw unpasteurized milk. Not legal in canada and so unavailable. Organic milk the next best thing. Regular milk comes from cows fed hormones to increase production and land that has been sprayed with chemicals and fertilizers. Fruit juices you buy in the store have been boiled destroying enzymes. These juices also have incresed sugar content. Chlorine in the water has a negative effect on the thyroid which affects gain or loss. I have given up pop completely. One small can contains 10 teaspoons of sugar. I juice organic fruits with a juicer. So in giving up your beer belly you have to give up things which are bad for you. There are many other parts to his program. I have no connection to kevin If you are interested go to Natural cures on the web and buy his book. The first difficulty is to START – break you own inertia. If you want changes YOU will have to change .

    • Michelle says

      I’m wondering if the Zantrax-3 worked for you? I used to take something with Ephedra a long time ago and loved the results. Did it work for you?

  11. Over Weight says

    I am 14 years old, and extremely over . I am 5’3 and a half, and weigh 167 pounds!! I have tried dieting but it doesn’t work for me, also work out videos get to extreme for me. Am I really hopeless! My school makes fun of me, and all i want to do is die! Any dieting tips or workout routines i can do?
    Anyways thanks for reading, and if u have advice thanks for that too.

    • Gwen says

      I just want to let you know that your not alone. Millions of people are having issues with their . I hate to say it but half of America is over :( Don’t look at it as dieting. Look at it as a life style change. Here’s what you can do. You need to change the way you eat or drink things. If you eat chips switch it with some celery if you eat doughnuts switch it with yogurt. You don’t have to starve your self, just switch what you eat and KEEP MOVING!! Drink lots and lots of water!! If you drink soda get rid of it. Do not even drink the diet soda that’s worse!! Just drink water or protein shakes. You will see yourself change for the better and you will fell tons lighter and happier. You will love yourself even more!! Hope this helps you :) GOOD LUCK!!!!!

    • gallo says

      ur gonna have to work out if u wanna lose the . theres really no there way. eat right such as listed above and do fun workouts. like maybe play baseball with ur friends for 2 hours or ultimate frisbee. even joining a sport at ur school will help a lot.

    • cruzin says

      ive seen a lot of comments posted by younger people about the extra they carry, n how their not as tone as their buddies. its a simple problem… ur to young, some people mature at different rates. it is just physically impossible to build muscle and burn baby fat when the person has not gone through the hormonal changes of puberty that release testosterone n other chemicals that facilitate these changes. i had these problems myself when i was young even exercising 3-4 times a week i still couldnt lose . then at 17 (later than all my friends), i grew into myself; muscle tone developed as baby fat melted away. to make it simple if u dont have curly hair u know where, dont sweat the extra pounds

      • di says

        90%of it is diet.. u can work out all day long but if you continue to eat like there is no tommorow you WILL NEVER LOOSE WEIGHT

    • rachel says

      dont let anyone get you down. i use to be teased and wanted to die im now in my late 30s i have lost .i dance and use a pilates band over the door.and i can see myself slowly shrinking.i didnt want to get a gastric by just need to be more active,take a bike ride or a walk.and start small and build ur way up.always swimmiing is fun and you get exercize also.,,good luck.

    • laurie says

      It basically does come down to more exercise and cutting some of those gaining foods, aim low so that you aren’t constantly getting depressed over it. Try to lose just a few pounds a week, if you have a snack or something you will end of feeling guilty over, forget about it, it doesn’t mean you can’t still do this, just turn around and continue to try. Bicycle, I see alot of kids doing that, it’s good exercise. When you cant do that, get a good book to read to keep your mind off snacking. Try to stay away from the tv, every other commercial is usually for food, it’s just a reminder. good luck to you

    • Lisa says

      The wii fit is a great way to exercise and fun too :) oh and it will you and set up your own loss goals, it also tells you how long you’ve been exercise for plus a calorie count that tell you how many calories you have lost after one and all exercises in that day and it stores that information on your wii fit profile

    • Terry says

      Don’t let this get you down, you can get to the fitness level you want. I couldn’t agree more with Gwen, she is 100% right, dieting doesn’t work, you have to change your lifestyle. I can think of two times previously that I have really focused on my diet and exercised regularly and the pounds came off. One thing you can do is eat smaller meals four or five times a day instead of the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. That might be hard to squeez five in if your in school but you could probably do four. I have recently tried to get back on the wagon and lose and I walk in the evenings. I don’t know how if your area has any good places to walk, I go down to a local high school. One thing you need to understand, you really have to roll up your sleeves and do some work. Stay active, walking, running, biking or something else you enjoy and do a lot of it. The other thing is, you can’t eat garbage. You have to eat healthy and you have to do it all the time. This might require looking into some healthy recipes and making them seperate from what others might be eating. Make enough so you have leftovers for lunch or meals. It takes some time and effort and while your making a meal or cleaning up after yourself, you might wonder if it is worth it, but it is. If you can make these changes, you’ll lose .
      Good luck.

      • Finno says

        Thanx man. Basically,u need to cut down on carbs consumption which is common in junk foodsand boost protein,vitamiins supplement fresh water intake. Finally impement with mild morning exercise. VoilaL

    • Melissa says

      I am 14 years old, and extremely over . I am 5’3 and a half, and weigh 167 pounds!! I have tried dieting but it doesn’t work for me, also work out videos get to extreme for me. Am I really hopeless! My school makes fun of me, and all i want to do is die! Any dieting tips or workout routines i can do?
      Anyways thanks for reading, and if u have advice thanks for that too.

      Hey, just to let you know, you are NOT extremely over . I can tell just by comparing your height and to myself. At 14 years old, it can be quite unhealthy to “diet”. What you should be concentrating on is not limiting the amount of food you eat, but keep eating full, hearty meals. However, try to keep the contents of those meals healthy. Fruits and vegetables are a must, and drink lots of water. Rice is always good, also brothy soups, and sandwiches too. Try to eat foods that are healthy, but filling. Don’t hold yourself back from eating when your hungry. Eat small, healthy snacks throughout the day. Also, I have the same problem with workout videos. They’re really tiring, so what you should start to do instead is just do some basic exercise as often as you can. 20-30 minutes a day really helps in the long run. Do stretches, take long walks, do jumping jacks, and maybe take up yoga. Don’t overwork yourself, because in my opinion, under looks worse than chubbiness ever will.
      As for people making fun of you… well, what you need to do is find people, friends, that don’t give a flying fuck what you look like. If they care what you look like, then they’re not real friends and they don’t deserve you.

      YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Remember that. The things people say only have the power you give them.

    • Gigi says

      I did the same thing when I was 14. I was determined to loose . I moved to a new home in the summer before 10th grade and I knew, NO ONE. DETERMINATION is what drove me. I had no friends before I moved and none when I got there. People teased me in the school I was at in the 9th grade, but not anymore. I ate steak, everyday after school and I did exercises in my bedroom every night. Steak was a huge protein boost and water.
      Pick something that will have lots of protein, not fat and that will fill you up. Volunteer during the summer, that is what I did. You will be shocked what type of experiences you can get and get paid more, later when you are 16. Find someone that you and your parents are comfortable with that normally walks in the neighborhood. ASK! ASK! if they want a walking buddy. Just bite the bullet. Say over and over in your head, ” I can do this and I will !” Good Luck! OHH, If you can, make a deal with yourself for new school clothes or a bike if you loose the .

    • Michael Pothier says

      Melissa – read my recent post and get your mom or dad to consider buying Kevin Trudeau;s book called: The loss cure. Oh, and when you read it you will learn why diets do not work.

  12. worried says

    Hi! I am twelve years old. I am 5’4 and 112. I do a sport (swimming) by the way. My arms and stomach are toned, but my legs are pretty stocky. And no it’s not muscle. I don’t understand. Sometimes when i look in the mirror i look great, other times i look like giant. My friends are all 80 pounds and are 4’10. My other friends my height are about 95. At school, i am obviously bigger.. which is really hard. I don’t know if i am fat or not but i want to be about 95 pounds. My bmi is 19.2 which is on the normal/under side. So statistically i am skinny, but to me i am fat. Any tips?

    • says

      did u know the taller u are the more u weigh! its true, another inch u add thats another 5 pounds. and i am 16 years old and 5’1 and weigh at 120 pounds, so you are perfectly fine! your problem isnt its height! that isnt somthing to wory about:)

    • Melissa says

      Hey, YOU ARE NOT FAT. And you don’t need to loose any at all. I am 17 and 5’2 and I weigh 120 pounds. My friends all tell my I’m super thin. Trying to get down to 95 would be very unhealthy for someone your height, and you would be under. You would always look frail and sick, and your swimming would probably suffer.

  13. balanzza says

    Nice information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Thanks again and good luck .

  14. Sophie says

    I’m sophie. im 5′ 3 and 149 pounds. I swear i’ ve tried every diet under the sun but they don’t give results and I always give up. I’ ve struggled with problems since i was six or seven and I think its time to lose the pounds. Please help!

    • Mark says

      I think people need to stop thinking of a ‘diet’ as a way to lose , a kind of quick-fix. I like to think of diet as the way I choose to eat overall, from my food choices to the quantity I eat and even how often. Become educated in what foods are good. Avoid as many processed foods (i.e. prepackaged) as you can, and really start noticing not only what is on those nutrition labels, but what is in the ingredients. Learn what those ingredients are because some have different names. There are some conflicting ideas out there of what is good and what is bad, even among so-called professionals, so don’t be quick to believe eveything you read or see or hear. You may find studies that conflict with each other, for whatever reason. Perhaps one study was done with a bias because the company doing the research had an interest in the outcome. Have you seen “Forks Over Knives”? What an eye-opener. I bought the DVD over a week ago and have watched it three times already, and looking forward to watching it again. Really gives you something to consider, IMHO. If you seriously look at the Western diet we have in North America and all the health problems we suffer from, does it seem that far-fetched to think that by changing the way we eat, we might avoid many of these problems? Of course, not only our diets need to change, but we need to become more active. Even walking on a regular basis would be a great start. If you have excess , you need to burn calories to lose that , and that is through physical activity. Cutting back on excess calories is good too, because then you’ll have less to burn off later. If you try not eating to lose , the problem is that your body will go into starvation mode and instead of using up the calories in fat, it will go after your muscle instead. Take it too far and eventually it can even weaken your heart, which is muscle. Also, becoming more active will not only help burn those excess pounds, but a little training can help tone you up and keep you from looking like a deflated balloon if you lose considerable . You’ll also feel better when you exercise, not only physically but emotionally. As a last note, keep your chin up, remain positive and don’t expect overnight success. Just commit to staying with it, and if you stumble and pig out on ice cream or have too much at the all-you-can-eat buffet, just get back to your better lifestyle habits ASAP. You only truly fail when you give up. All the best, everyone!

  15. Suzie says

    Being under is just as unattractive as being over, Healthy is beautiful, more than that being aware that your healthy is too. Reconsider your priorities when you want to loose , why? Is it for your health or an image. Understanding the reasoning behind your goals makes them possible.

    • Melissa says

      I totally agree. Personally I don’t care about losing since I know I’m quite thin. Right now I only want to get rid of my gut. Not by dieting, but by exercising. I haven’t been able to exercise much for the past couple of years because I live in the middle of nowhere and there’s nothing to do but go on the computer. I don’t like feeling unhealthy. Next year I’ll be going on to university though, and I’ll have more opportunities to get some muscle. I don’t know what it is about muscle that I like so much, but I’ve wanted to acquire some for a while now. Of course, not -lifter level of muscle, I find that to be kind of gross. just enough to give me some definition.

      • Elaine says

        unfortunately, “gut” fat is lost by eating right. Do as many abdominals as you want, it will not help. The thing is, enriched, white flour (white rice, white pasta, white bread, etc.) gets stored as fat in your lower ab region. My advice: cut out all enriched flour from your diet and replace them with WHOLE GRAINS. Do not buy breads that say wheat flour… it really has to say the word WHOLE in it. (i.e. whole wheat as opposed to wheat on the label). Do this along with your exercises and maintain a low fat intake so your body burns the fat you have stored already. That is how I lost my “pouch”. :-) it is difficult at first to get used to the taste of whole grains, but with a bit of time you will find which ones are yummy (I like the 100 calorie thin breads yummmmm!). Hope it helped!

  16. kapil says

    hi ,

    i have been following that above said column for increasing metabolism for last 3 months but i have not got good result.its not helpful.actually my face is so heavy..i mean i do have double chin and my neck is so please give some suggestion to get rid of double chin and bulky neck problem

    kapil arora

  17. Jon says

    i am a boxer and i am 14 years old i was 59 kg and was wanting to fight so i got motivated and made myself loose i am now fighting at 49kg and all you need to do is eat super noodles drink water and run

  18. Mimi says

    Very helpful!Thankyou very much for this information,so many times we look for website to assit us and we get the run around.You have provide great information.

  19. Febra says

    Hi my names Febra, I am 22 years old a full time mom to two beautiful angels, a full time college student, and full time employee. I am having the hardest time losing after my second daughter, and i have no time for a ton of exercise a day i was hoping i could get some tips to short term and long term lose. Right now i weigh 198, which is better then the 214 i weighed less then a year ago but diffinently not enough for me. Please help!

    • says

      We help people with this all the time! the best products I have ever found is Herbalife! I own a nutrition club and help people to lose everyday! All the products are is good nutrition however the results are amazing!

      Check out site and contact me with any questions we are here to help!

    • joanne says

      look up they have assorted videos that range from 9 mins to 20 mins for a decent workout. i’m busy too and to find time to run to the gym just isnt feasable, i enjoy these videos and there are enough that you will never get bored with one workout. good luck!

  20. Krissy says

    Hey so I am a 12 year old girl who is about 5’5 or 5’6 last time i was weighed i was 103pounds, but people say I look like 90 to 95, I eat a lot, but I stay skinny so i must have a high metabolism. Anyway though I was wondering how could I eat healthier and make sure my metabolism stays high.I really like fruits and vegetables so spinach and broccoli I defiantly do not mind eating, but I also love to eat really unhealthy foods too like barbecue chips, french fries, etc. . Also how can I tone my body for a nice lean curved look. I don’t know if this could help you but during the school week for lunch at my school i usually always eat the ham salads with water (I never drank anything other water most days, but occasionally I do drink sodas or fruit drinks) and cookies or the new baked lays chips. Also i never get to eat breakfast which is the most important meal of the day because i never have time so what could I eat that’s quick on the go and healthy?

    • Susie says

      A 12year old girl would be in school at 8:00am, and would not write this fluently. 12 year olds arwnt looking for lean curved bodies either…

      • Mary says

        What do you mean, “A 12 year would not write this fluently”? She’s 12, not two. Children learn how to compose and write sentences at the age of five. By the time they’re 12 they are perfectly capable of putting together a sentence with proper structure and grammar. I was also beginning to feel insecure with my body at the age of 12. We live in a culture where the media is worshiped and the pressure to be thin is high.

      • Brian Fong says

        Well in Canada, a 12 year old is in grade 6 or 7 of elementary school (depending on the day they were born). Elementary schools don’t begin classes until 9:00 am, or 8:30 am at the earliest. It really dpends on your schoolboard. Highschool definitely begins at 8:00 am though. This 12 year old girl probably was posting the message during a breakfast she skipped.
        Also with an increasing sexualized culture and the hormones in our food, girls are going through puberty at a younger age and will want their bodies to be toned or be somewhat conscious about it. It makes sense she wants them lean in our day and age.

        I could fill in the blanks, but I’m a 25 year old taking landscape architecture at university.

    • Ray says

      I’m 14 and I get how you feel. Im 5’0 and I weigh a little over 70 pounds. I know that I’m skinny but I still would like a more defined body. Most adults just don’t understand how much pressure there is on middle school girls to look good. My advise to you is for you to make mini goals for yourself. like me, you eat pretty healthy and have a high metabolism. However, you should beware of most foods that say they’re fat free. Most just add extra sugar which can trick your body into thinking it’s more fat. Therfore it adds on to your . it’s actually better for you to eat the less processed versions of the food.

      • Tana says

        ‘Most adults just don’t understand how much pressure there is on middle school girls to look good.’
        It’s not that they don’t understand, they’ve all been there before; they weren’t born 40, you know.
        It’s a good idea to watch what you eat but now is not the time to think about dieting and toning. It can have a negative impact on your body before about 16.

      • Anonymous says

        Same EXCACT situation with me…I thought I wrote it!! lol– well I dont wanna be a body builder or a fitness worker or anything..and i dont wanna become too skinny or anything…just enough that when i sit i dont have a role…thats all :(

    • Audj says

      Krissy: I am 5’0 and weigh 94 pounds. By all means I am considered a “Light Weight” and I have my curves. I am 30 years old (you think of my age, and must think I’m a world away from understanding where you stand, I have been in your shoes) and let me tell you if you want to have those curves and a defined body, at 12 you need to eat. Yes eat healthy but that does not mean you need to deprive yourself of treats. So you ate a chocolate bar twice in a week, so what? The rule is to enjoy your treats, don’t kick yourself over it. The fact that you are 12 and eating ham salads for lunch everyday sounds so joyless, taking one lunch out in a week to enjoy “junk food” which would include your fries is healthy and will prevent you in your adulthood from what you fear most, overindulging and the word “fat”. You already know what is junk food, which is great, now you need to be able to not think of eating junk food as “bad”. Eating junk food on occasion is not bad, junk food is a treat and therefore a reward to yourself, if you eat something “junky” that day, you needed to reward yourself, and you gave yourself a reward – GOOD! I have gone through my life worrying about , and the funny thing, when I was 21 and weighed 85 pounds, I thought I was “chubby.” Living up to someone else’s image of beautiful (of anything for that matter) and the pressures that come with it does not make for true happiness, it’s fleeting. I also understand that at 12 that last sentence may be hard to grasp but keep it with you, it will come in handy one day. All my best, Audj.

  21. Brittany says

    Hi my name is Brittany I’m 20 yrs old. I used to weigh around 180-185. I now weigh 214 lbs. I put on all this in less than 1 year. I mostly ate out at Burger King and always ate fried food. About 3 wks ago I weighed myself and I had lost 16 lbs then I weighed myself last night and had gained 14 of those lbs back. I take diet pills and they do not seem to work. I plan to lose 64 lbs in 5 months.I want to be at least 160 by the summmer time. In the end I want to be at least 150 lbs. And I will reach this goal no matter what because I am tired of being FAT and tired all the time. Is this a realistic goal or am I trying to lose to much to fast? I now only eat boiled or baked foods. I don’t eat out very much and if I do I try to eat grilled chicken salads. I excercise 2 times a day for about 30-45 minutes each time. I hate eggs and I try to make my self eat them. I also hate grapefruit but I try to make myself drink at least 1 glass a day. I drink plenty of water. I work at night so I sleep most of the day on days that I don’t go to school. I just want to know if I am setting a realistic goal for myself? Can you please give me some healthy tips to achieve my goal. Thank you in advance.

    • Rico Suave says

      oink oink piggy, just busting. stop with the bk’s, dear lord that stuff will kill you. no woman should be 214, but 64 lbs in 5 months is a big goal. I hope youre doing training and lifting. diet alone aint gonna do it.

    • noname says

      Hi i agree… i think it is a big goal, and maybe you should start with fifty pounds or something. But here are some facts about dieting that are sort of inspirational:

      1. “It take 8 weeks for yourself to notice any change, 12 weeks for family or friends to notice, and 16 weeks for the world to notice. Stay strong!”

      2. “Every 1000 jumpingjacks is a pound lost”

      Just stay with it, eat healthy, and exercise regularly. If you cut junkfood out of your diet after awhile you will stop craving it.

    • Ryan says

      go to it’s a calorie counting website that you can literally log EVERYTHING from , food intake, exercise, measurements and even has a forum support group. I’ve lost and kept off thirteen pounds since christmas!

    • Hayley says

      Hi No name.

      I had tried every diet going and nothing worked for me. i was yo yo dieting all the time, I decided i must lose the for good so i joined slimming world and have never looked back iv lost 14.5 pounds in 5 weeks. U dont have to starve or not have your treats. its brillaint im always full and full of energy.

      I eat stuff like potaoes, rice, pasta, chicken,beef even chocolate at times and have never gained each week.

      I promise you if you join slimming world you could lose it in 3 months max if you stick to it.

      Good luck x

  22. Rosie says

    Hey Everyone,

    Im a competing sports model and personal trainer and every few months before competition my diet becomes strict but it works because if it doesn’t it means no competiton and a lot of wasted money. It also means having to get up in front of hundreads in a bikini being judged on your body.. So i’m giving you all my best tips in loosing .

    – eating less will mean you’ll loose in the short term but not in the long term so its a big no no.
    – eat every 2 hours: eating every two hours keep your digestion working therefore increasing your metabolism.
    – For every 25kgs that you weigh, you must drink one litre of water (its a lot but it works)
    – Cutting out carbs, sugar and fat does work you just might feel a little out of it but if you want to loose the ..
    – No alcohol! 9 calories per gram of alcohol which is more than fat, carbs and sugar..
    – Okay so everyone knows its the lean meats that work fish and chicken so eat up :)
    – vegetables easiest is lettuce, carrot, celery but whatever you like not potato, you can eat sweet potato but not past 12.
    – So eating every 2 hours can be hard for some people so have little snacks almonds, nuts, rice crackers (limit these) organic peanut butter or almond spread can go on these but dont eat to many.

    Excercise is important and for those that don’t go to the gym the best cardio to loose is a fast pace walk. If you have a treadmill at home put it on incline set the speed to a comfortable pace where you will still be able to keep a conversation without puffing..If your puffing your usin the wrong body system (aerobic, anaerobic) If you want to learn more on the different body systems its worth looking up <<.
    For those who are only starting doing excercise keep it down to half an hour and as you get fitter go for longer.

    – Dont eat after 7 if you have to keep the carbs very low.. egg whites yums usually kill the cravings :)
    – If your craving sugar like I do always at about 4-5 during the day I have a little protein bar call low-carbs they are yum and will hopefully kill the craving or munch on some strawberries.
    – Breaskfast can be carbs :) so muesli, oats, whole meal toast.
    – Carbs causes bloating in women so if you get bloating easily its probably the rice, pasta or bread.
    – Focus on green vegetables! great for metabolism.
    – my meals consist of a small can of tuna, corn for fibre and mixed vegetables.
    – Everytime you eat sugar just remember your setting yourself back further from your goal.

    I hope this helps and goodluck to everyone :)

  23. Marie says

    Hi, Im 12 years old, and i have really muscular legs, but my stomach sticks out, and im not focused on my number on the scale, i just want to look thinner, and toned too. And i NEED this to happen in a month.I started this little loss expedition because the girls at my dance school make fun of me, and it makes me a little frustrated. Please reply to this asap!!! i need to start shedding of the fat btw- i dance three days a week, and a take gymnastics for an hour a week. HELp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • MSTCLAIR says

      Hi Marie,
      Being 12 is tough for any girl…and comparing yourself to everyone else is only going to result in your feeling sadder about how you look. You are unique, beautifully made by God, and there is no one like you!! You will still grow taller, leaner, and change a LOT in the next 8 years – so if you make friends with yourself now and decide your stomach is NOT an enemy, you will probably find it won’t be as important to change it after all. I am guessing that everyone else (not the girls at the dance studio) thinks you are beautiful!
      From one formerly ackward teen herself, here are some ideas to change: 1) Decide that your stomach isn’t so important and you can be beautiful no matter what a small group of girls thinks. 2) Take good care of eating lots of healthy foods (your mom or doctor or teacher can give you ideas). Don’t avoid eating, that only makes you sick and can lead to feeling sad or depressed about yourself. 3) Learn how to make food a tool to reach your most outward and innermost beauty! 4) Find other friends that like you just as you are. There will always be girls bigger and smaller than you – you are unique, no one like you!.

  24. Harman says

    Hey! 😛
    I tried using this techniques but they helped me a little is there some kind of balancing i can do with these tips to make it more effective?

  25. Mobend says

    Don’t want to seem like I’m being nasty, but anyone who can find this thread and post on it also has the skills to search the web for healthy loss information (if they’ve managed to miss it until now). Why are so many people posting the same basic message of “I eat badly and don’t exercise, and don’t know what to do – please help!”? I know following a healthy diet and exercising is not easy to do – but it is easy to know what you should do.

  26. Sammich says

    A useful tips for all of those people who have a “sweet tooth” like me, a little tip I used to fight of cravings was everytime I felt like having something sugary I’d either brush my teeth, have breath mint, use one of those fresh breath strips that melt on your tounge or chew calorie free gum. That way if you do cave in the sweet snack is going tot aste horrible and the chances of you enjoying it are less.
    Hope it helps some people.’


  27. Sammich says

    A useful tips for all of those people who have a “sweet tooth” like me, a little tip I used to fight of cravings was everytime I felt like having something sugary I’d either brush my teeth, have breath mint, use one of those fresh breath strips that melt on your tounge or chew calorie free gum. That way if you do cave in the sweet snakc is going tot aste horrible and the chances of you enjoying it are less.
    Hope it helps some people.’


  28. Emma says

    Hi im 13 years old and im applying for high schools but as a ballet dancer i inevitably want to become a professional when i grow up, but to do that i have to be in a professional schooling program. The problem is, is that i have a skinny torso (abs, muscular legs,etc..) but i have these HUGE thighs that consist of large bones, bulky muscles and alot of fat, its like all my fat goes directly to my thighs, and people think that im fat BECAUSE of my thigs. I just need some help finding ways to get skinnier thighs, i work out alot, i do yoga and alot of other stuff but i just cant loose i dont eat alot either, i dont know whats wrong with me, and i have been dancing all my life so obviously the myth that all dancers have long lean muscles or “a ballerinas body” isnt true please help my auditions are all in january febuary and march

    • Britney says

      It’s just your body type, there is nothing wrong with you. Trust me, I am also a dancer and gain all of my in my thighs. You just have to accept your body, I understand that it can be annoying when everyone around seems to have the same body types and yours is different. Don’t even worry about it; your in very good shape, your a dancer. You should not let that get in the way of your passion and what you want to become. Just make sure your eating healthy. You could work out all you want, if your diet is not in check you won’t see results. Add more protein to your diet, lean meats, fish, egg whites. Make sure your getting both fruit and veggies into your meals and whole grains. Your could try making your own smoothies for breakfast, snacking throughout they day(keeps your metabolism going.) Cut out foods that have high fructose corn syrup and enriched anything. Get plenty of sleep and try to set a time you go to bed every night so that your body can get adjusted to a schedule. These are all things that contribute to a healthy . Stay focused on your dream and good luck:)

  29. karen says

    i’m 23 and am almost 175 lbs. I used to be really skinny when i was a kid. Then i developed the habbit of unhealthy snacking in the evening after lunch, when i was in high school. because of that i gained and developed the urge to snack. once i started university i lost lots of pounds. i got all skinny again and stayed that way for almost 2-3 years. then i stared eating alot of junk food again. and gained a whole lot of .
    after getting over (almost 40 lbs) i really wanted to loose , so joined aerobics. but didnt work out well. may be coz i wasnt determined enough. joined gym twice. it doesnt work out. i dont loose and then i loose interest. i really wanna loose but i just cant control myself with junk food now. i donno what to do. i try to be dedicated to it. just cnt control the craving. can you please give me some tips to stay on track, avoid craving, some healthy food options, etc.
    I really need some encouragement. please help me.

    • Lieim says

      Hi Karen,
      There are certain foods that have natural ability to increase your metabolism such as tomato, apples, peppers, just to name a few. If you want to shed some , take a vitamin supplement such as Vitamin B-12. This viatimin naurally increases your metabolism. Also, at any given time, keep yourself moving. That is key. I have found out after having two kids and blowing up to 200 lbs and dropping back down to 130-140 lbs, that loss is 90% of what you eat and 10% working out. If you have a sweet tooth like me don’t buy any junk food and if you do decide to eat something sweet make sure it is fruit and only fruit. You need to cut certain foods out of your diet, like sugar or anything that says high fructose corn syrup as the first five ingredients. Sugar is like poison for the body. I have learned that if you make a HUGE salad in the afternoon and snack on that throughout the day, you will shed at least 30 lb in two months. Eat a strict no sugar diet and move around n you will shed at least ten lbs a month for the first three months. E-mail me back if you need help with anything else.

    • Britney says

      You could try making a list of healthy meals your going to eat every night of the week. Look online, have fun with it. Set a time and day that you’ll go shopping to get everything, try finding a friend or family member that will make a meal with you. Invite people over for dinner and tell them your making a great healthy meal, get them excited about it so that you can be too. Having someone to help you make these changes in your life can be helpful, you can also do it by yourself. You could try looking into Women’s Health magazine, there is a ton of information, meals and exercises that could help. Each month there is something new and different, it’s exciting looking forward to the new meals exercises that you could try. Try a new exercise class if your getting bored. I’m not sure where you live, however Zumba is a lot of fun, depends on the instructor; you get a good workout and it’s a lot of fun. There is Hot Hula Fitness, it’s new and mainly on the west coast, look it up and see if its in your area. You get an amazing full body workout with Hot Hula Fitness. If you like to dance Booiaka is also really fun, even if your not a dancer you’ll be able to pick up the choreography easy, also a lot of fun. Again it might not be in your area because, it is somewhat new. There is also Body Combat, boxing, heated yoga is great as well. Good luck:)

    • LISA says





    • abdullah says

      Hey karen , the best thing is that dont go for loss entirely , go for fat loss and you will lose automatically , you can pick any activity but the diet is the most important thing do running on treadmills and you will be alright and be patient no one can loss in a flick !

  30. Sammich says

    I’ve never done this before posting online and what not but I feel as if I am stuck and I need some help/ advice. When I started my loss journey I was 97kg I have managed in 9 weeks to shed 12 of these kilos by eating 4-5 smaller meals and including fresh fruit and veggies and drinking water etc and exercising 1-3 times a week. The problem is now that I feel I am stuck at 85 kilos as for the last few weeks I have stayed at that and I still have at least 20 kilos to go. I am worried that during Christmas and New Years celebrations all my hard work is going to be ruined and that I may revert back to my “old habits” which I have worked so hard to change
    I guess what I am asking if someone has some advice for me to survive the next few weeks without gaining too much and any tips I could use to maybe get myself out of this plateau period I seem to be stuck in. Any help would be greatly appriecated.


    • Fiona says

      Hey I have been doing lots of reading on loss and all that sort of thing and the biggest thing I have learnt is that muscle weighs more than fat. This means that your point at which you dont seem to be losing any more is completely normal because it just means your body is building the same amount of muscle as it is burning fat. Dont give up hope you will start losing more again but just try your best not to let it slip over Christmas. One thing you can do if you slip and feel like you have eaten too much bad food is more short bursts of resistance training, doing short bursts of strenuous exercise like this motivates your metabolism more and burns fat but does not build as much muscle as long as you do many short bursts of it, its just like with the meals you do lots of a little. Hope it helps :)

      • christine says

        Hey Fiona,
        What you said isnt really true. What the body is undergoing now is a loss plateau where your metabolic rate slows down as your body goes on “hunger mode”. What you can do is to eat foods that speed up the metabolic rate or to eat varying calories of food so that your body wont be at a standstill. Hope this helps too!

      • F says

        You should ALSO, remember that it is Calories IN vs Calories OUT. With each you reach you have to change your calorie intake to fit that . Something I have heard as a starting point to go by is what ever your , times it by 10.0. For instance if you are 180 and would like to get down to 150, try eating around 1500 calories a day. However, this differes depending on the amount of calories you eat in a day, and how fast you would like to lose your . It’s good to just try and incororate being active in your lifestyle for instance instead of riding the elevator, walk the stairs (you could even walk the stairs in your building at work or home on lunch if you have them). Try to park farther away from buildings, ALWAYS sit straight and flex your muscles though out the day! When your in the kitchen, try grabbing the counter and doing leg lifts (lean forward slightly, raise and bend your knee, and kick backward contracting your back thigh and butt). There are manythings you can do, to burn slightly more calories though out the day with out putting your self out or stressing over it. I hope this helps I also agree with 90% of the information given on here some great advice and most of which I followed to lose 70 pounds in less than a year! I got up to 215 after having a child and got down to 145. I do know, if you don’t keep it up find a good and maintain by calulating how many calories in and out to stay at the right , YOU WILL GAIN it back! (I’m workin on 15 that I gained back!)

        Anyway, hope this helps someone out there! Good luck all!


  31. Anna says

    Hello, I`m Anna.
    I am 13 years old, 14 in February. When I was little i was always so skinny. But when we moved when I was 6 I started to gain . Quickly at that! I am 5`6″ and I weigh 176 lbs.
    I`ve tried many excersises and dieting to lose some . It hasn`t worked obviously. I don’t know if it’s because of my depression, or if its just my body. I really need a way to lose some of this ! I am a straight A student in school and I never get in trouble. When I lived in my old house I was always sick because I was allergic to mainly my house! Mold, mildew, dust, dust mites, and animals. We didn’t own any animals but do now. Being I was always sick, I never ate. My mom and sister literally had to shove food down my throat so I wouldn’t die from not eating. Depression came in when I was about 11 when I understood what happened to my father. He was murdered before I was born. I now live with only my mother. She is so hard on me. I put on most of my the past few years. I am called ugly at school, except for two people. My best friend in the entire world, and my boyfriend of 4 months. My mother is not supportive of me at all and basically she is a word I cannot say! I need a way to get rid of my tummy and muffin tops. I play softball, soccer, and basketball. I feel like everyone stares at my legs because I have such big thighs. But, I know that they are only big because I am a catcher in softball. Therefore I have lots of muscle.
    Does anyone know a good way to boost my metabolism and get this pudge and these muffin tops off? All suggestions would be much appreciated before my life gets any more off track!

    Thank You!


    • Arthi says

      Hi Anna !
      First thing i want to tell you is ” DON’T LOOSE HOPE”! you are just 13 years old and you have got the entire future ahead. From the description of your problem i wasn’t clear about certain things but still my advice is here:
      1. Since you mentioned that you were sick and did not have even have the basic diet properly, consult a doctor about the lack of appetite. As proper nutrition is very much essential for having a healthy body.
      2. If you are not sick now and if you are able to eat properly, then eat highly nutrient diet. You know these days junk foods are only costly whereas naturally available high nutrient food are always cheap so that everyone can afford it have healthy life style
      3. Having healthy food and exercising for at least 30 minutes a day should be part of your daily activity ! (like brushing your teeth) . If you don’t have any medical problem then do exercise regularly and balance it with healthy food. Firstly ,YOU should have the CONFIDENCE that you will be able to reduce your ! You have to set a realist goal and should be DETERMINED and FOCUSED on reducing your to the set goal.
      4. wake up early everyday and when you wake up say to yourself ” i will eat healthy food throughout the day and will do my daily exercise routine and will be happy throughout the day” ! say to yourself ” everything will be alright and everything happens for a reason” every time whenever you feel depressed. You will really feel the difference and believe me it works!
      5. Have a habit of drinking water a LOT. drink as much water as possible.
      6. Follow the tips given in this website for increasing metabolism
      7. Regarding your loss if you follow the above meticulously you are sure to reduce ! once you lose you have to continue to practice it for the rest of your future to keep you healthy and confident throughout.
      8. Hey Anna, as a general word of advice, don’t bother about what other say… only what you think about yourself matters. Be true to yourself and do the right things (whichever you feel is right for that particular situation) every time possible… Those people who pass negative comments actually are so low and feel so inferior that they find happiness by finding fault in others. So don’t give a damn consideration to negative comments and accept only positive comments.
      Love yourself , if you don’t love yourself how can you expect others to love you. feel special about you and always look at things in a positive way. like, even if your mom behaves in a harsh way with you don’t just see it as such, see one step higher, imagine the situation of your mom in what depressing condition she is, taking care of her children being single. even if she is doing something which really hurts you accept it and think its for your good…. your life will really change dear! I have experienced this change.
      Lastly have faith in GOD! its He who has designed your life this way so surely there is something good waiting for you. (if you are undergoing so much worries in this young age, that means He wants you to learn the true lessons of life)


      • Deb says

        What great advice this is, except for omitting the curse word, i wouldn’t change a thing. I,would also say keep gratitude paramount in your life, always look for what you have not what you don’t, God always provides when we trust Him!

    • mary says

      I know exactly how you feel, when I was younger I was a lot curvier than most of the other girls in my class and I felt so humiliated, but now I am fourteen and a half years old and I have had a growth spurt and begun to slim down. Most of the skinny girls are now not so skinny anymore either. The same thing will probably happen to you, but even if it doesn’t you shouldn’t worry about what others think if they only want to be mean, even if you do become skinny and “beautiful” they will just find another way of making you feel bad about yourself.
      Right now you should just concentrate on maintaining a regular bedtime, eating a balanced diet and fitting in some insidental fitness.
      Good Luck!

      • Anna says

        I have already went through my growth spurt. I wont grow anymore and if I do it will be maybe an inch. Being about 5’7″ now i wont get much taller at all. I have been doing insanity and it helps quite a bit if you keep doing it. I have a new discovery that I can’t eat fruit. Im allergic to it. I know its not the only healthy thing to eat but its what i have always eaten. I have dance tryouts in one month and im trying to lose some so that i wont be the biggest girl on the team. Its not like im exactly huge but i do hate being one of the bigger girls in school.Being allergic to 90% of the fruits there are its harder now than it has ever been to eat healthy. And i honestly think im slightly allergic to lettuce. And i love salad. Im not sure how ill be able to keep up with healthy eating if i cant really eat anything healthy. I have reduced sugary drinks to about one or two a week. Im trying so hard to be able to get good sleep. But i have thoughts running through my mind wondering if the next day will be as hard or harder than that day. The only person that keeps my hopes up is my boyfriend. He tells my i can do anything i want and that im absolutely beautiful. Which does help keeping my self esteem up. Maybe by february 20th i will be slimmer than i am now. Not to mention dancing will be a nice birthday present because i get to dance on my birthday Feb 22nd.
        I can only do my absolute best with things and i hope i can be what i want to be though i know i can. I do plan on being in the Airforce after college. I know then i will be as fit as ever. Thanks alot(:

  32. Tamara says

    Dear Reader:
    Hello, I am new to this and am not sure that I’m even in the right place – if not I hope you will kindly lead me that way. This past summer brought together the culmination of the severe malnutrition I was living with for what appears to have been several years … wow do a lot of things make sense now. In any event I am on total permanent disability and in the third quarter of a divorce. My funds are limited more than ever before and I would like to know if the manufacturers of ‘Boost’ have a program or opportunity I could apply for to receive this much needed supplement 3 times a day for free. At the end of June 2011, this year my heart simply stopped beating. I had become so severely malnourished my body simply did not have the fuel it needed to function properly – so it stopped beating / flatlined. I was revived and after an extended stay in ICU I was able to return home. Unfortunately, ‘Boost’ is not something I can afford on my very limited budget, but would certainly drink it if I could. It really takes great – good job by the way!
    Thank you for your time and consideration, I eagerly look forward to hearing from you and the possibility of being able to participate in a program that would allow me to get the basic vitamins and minerals my body is crying for. Any information, resources, or other information that you think may be helpful to me I welcome with open arms. This is all new to me, a bit intimidating, perhaps even scary, I suppose that sounds silly, but I can feel like it is the first day of school and I become unsure and uneasy of the proper process and protocol.
    Have a fantastic day – I’m going to!

    In light & love
    I am ~
    Rev. Tamara

  33. says

    We all know how hard it is to lose and to keep it off. Often you need to change your whole eating system by eating healthier foods and looking to eat smaller portions. Funnily enough if you put your mind to it , it becomes easier and easier and disciplining yourself becomes routine. Just keep at it Jess and you will succeed. Best of luck and take strength in how many have succeeded purely by sensible eating and a small amount of willpower.

  34. Marcus says

    I read somewhere that eating six small but healthy meals a day – one portion protein, one portion carbs, and two portions of vegetables twice a day as well – can also help increase your metabolism – does anyone know if this is true?

  35. Tenhae says

    Hello Im tenhae,
    25 mother of a 7 y.o weighed 63 kg came off the cotraception Depo Provera and have BALLOONED to
    78 kg.
    I am starting Gym but am aware thats only a small % of the fight.
    Sorry to be ignorant but whats a Green Smoothie??
    I am severly unhappy as i originally lost 30kg 4 years ago after being on Medicinal Steroids for an eye injury
    any suggestion would be appreciated and taken on board.

    • Ninya says

      Hi Tenhae,

      I can tell you how I make green smoothies for my self, i.e., for one person.

      You need a bunch of fresh green leaves. (For example, Mint leaves, Coriander leaves, Dandelion leaves, mustard leaves, spinach, kale, Dill leaves etc)
      It’s very important to rotate your greens. Use different green leaves everyday. If possible, use organic, otherwise, buy fresh leaves from your local markets. Use spinach or radish leaves only once in a week since they supposedly have a lot of oxalic acid in them. But use them once in a week anyway; they are nutrient rich too!

      Then you need 2 or 3 fruits. The can be mangoes, oranges, grape fruits, apples, pineapples, grapes, any types of fresh berries like straw berries or blue berries or any other fresh fruit you can find in your area!

      For example, just take one whole apple & 2 or 3 berries and cut them up in your kitchen just before making the smoothie.

      Now, put your bunch of leaves & freshly cut fruits (you can also add a cucumber or carrot into the mix if desired, but NEVER EVER add sugar or any other sweeteners into this) into a good blender. I mean blender not juicer. You are just blending all the ingredients together with some drinking water. Blend for about 30 seconds if your blender is a good one. Otherwise, you may have to cut up your fruits & leaves into small pieces before putting & also blend for some more time to get a smooth texture. Putting one small banana also will help in acquiring that delicious smoothness. Now you can pour this mixture into your favorite glass/mug & your green smoothie is ready! You can drink it easily if you have added some water before blending. Otherwise, you can eat it with a spoon like an ice cream! Only thing is that it’s not harmful like ice creams!

      This procedure is easier than juicing & also you get all the fiber in the leaves & fruits! Green smoothies may sound like a simple thing but it can change your life! One or two glasses in the morning & you will again feel hungry only by 1 or 2 p.m! You will have fresh vegetables, fruits & leaves in a glass first thing in the morning!
      I also add one small red or yellow capsicum into my green smoothie. Anyway, everyday, it’s different. Today I made it with fresh coriander leaves, some sesame seeds, 1 pomegranate & 1 apple!

      Please wash your leaves very thoroughly if they are not from your own garden.
      Wash them in cold water & then warm water (you can use warm lemon water too) to ensure cleanliness since you would be consuming them raw not cooked.

      After buying my leaves from the market, I wash them twice in water & keep them in the fridge for later use. Then I take out a bunch of leaves in the morning from it & wash it again in clean room temperature water & then warm lemon water to erase any doubts regarding cleanliness from my mind!

      But if the leaves are plucked from your own backyard, you can get away with washing only once before using.

      I am suggesting one or two glasses of smoothie as breakfast. After drinking your smoothie, you don’t have to eat a regular breakfast. You can have your share of protein after some time, if you desire. You can have eggs, some chicken or chickpeas, lentils, or cooked beans if you are vegetarian. But drink your smoothies as replacement for your cereal based breakfast. You would not feel like eating bread after drinking your smoothie. No need to drink sugar laden coffee or tea either along with breakfast after drinking your naturally sweet smoothie!

      Then as the day proceeds, eat your lunch, dinner etc as usual. But stay away from burgers, bread, buns, any fried stuff, cookies, cakes, candies etc. Avoid processed sugar altogether from your life! Drink water instead of soft drinks. Drink green tea (without sugar) or warm herbal waters like ginger or cumin seed water instead of your normal coffee & tea! Well these are the changes I made in my life & I lost a lot of without much effort! Well, cleaning the leaves requires some effort though! I don’t starve at all. I just choose healthier food all the time, that’s all. For example, if I am hungry in the evening, I might eat some carrots or oranges instead of a cheese burger. If I feel hungry after having my smoothie, I will have a boiled egg+ some cooked tomatoes instead of bread & chips. That’s all! And I was able to get rid of my craving because of green smoothies. I no longer feel like eating KFC chicken fries or chocolate cookies. In fact, in cannot believe I used to eat them at all!


  36. Kimberly says

    Hi, my name is Kim. I’m 22 years old. I turned 22 on September 1st. I used to be skinny when I was a kid and never really ate much, so my mom had to give me some of those ensure shakes. As I grew older, I started to develop severe depression because of school and I also have ADD. It was hard for me because I couldn’t really comprehend what to do for homework, or what the teacher was saying and I tried really hard. My grades were dreadful and every time I had a low score on a test, I would just get even more depressed. School took a real big toll on me, and i’m not going to blame school, but I started to eat more, gaining more because of depression. It wasn’t that bad because I used to do a lot of outdoor activities, like bike-riding with my brothers, rollerblading, and riding my scooter. I’ve only done those things throughout my childhood, however, and lost interest when I went to Middle School. I ended up gaining a lot more pounds than usual, and during my senior year of highschool, I weighed about 180lbs, and I basically just stuck with that 180 as I got older. A year later (when I was 19), I found out that there was something wrong with my gallbladder, so my gallbladder was removed. After not eating well for 3 months, I ended up losing around 30 pounds after vomiting whatever was in my system, to the point where I ate nothing at all, because I even threw up my own saliva. I was in the hospital for almost 2 weeks when they removed my gallbladder and when I went back home, I felt much better. However, I dreaded to eat anything greasy or fattening for a few months. But sooner or later, I started to eat the way I used to again, and now I weigh 168.6lbs. I was thinking of starting to go on a diet. I love healthy food, but also unhealthy food. I haven’t really been eating much though since i’m poor and can’t really afford food, so some days, I end up not eating for a day, but not purposely. I want to get rid of my belly fat and also gain some arm muscle and leg muscle. My leg muscles are pretty decent, but I am ashamed to wear anything that may be ‘tight’. I haven’t been active, like working out or stuff for years, and I can’t run very well because when I run, I would have horrible chest pain and would wheeze coughs. I don’t mind walking, however, and I also don’t mind riding a bike. I don’t have a bike now, but riding a bike would be fairly alright.. I’m not sure if it’ll help with my belly fat issue. Can anyone please give me some tips on how to maintain a healthy body-? I am 5’6″, female.. obviously, and like I said. I 168.6lbs. Any help will be appreciated, and I am dedicated to losing some , so i’m willing to take any sacrifices.

    • Ninya says

      Hi Kimberly,

      I have one very strong suggestion–start drinking green smoothies the very first thing in the morning! Green smoothies will help you lose by fighting your craving for junk food. Let’s admit it; we all love junk food. Get fresh leafy vegetables & fresh fruits from the local markets & make smoothies out of them by blending in a nice blender. Use only whole fruits, not fruit juices. Also, please do not add sugar or any other sweetness. Fruits already fructose in them! If possible, grow your pea, mustard, dandelion & other young shoots at home in a sprouter for the green leaves. You can use use 2 or 3 different kinds of fruits for the fruit part.

      A few months ago, I was also terribly out of shape & miserable; but now, I am super slim (in a healthy way) & much happier in life because of 2 small changes. 1. A glass or two of green smoothie in the morning.
      2. Vegetable soup or fresh vegetable juice depending upon my mood in the evening.

      So, you have to make only one sacrifice– effort in the kitchen. Make smoothies at home yourself. Never buy packaged ones. Since you will be consuming them raw make sure to wash your leaves & fruits thoroughly before making smoothies.

      So, drink your green smoothies everyday in the morning & observe your junk food craving flying out of the window–just like that! It’s simple.

      Also, drink at least 2 liters of water daily & start with mild stretching & simple yoga or normal floor exercises instead of running or hitting the gym. This will build up your stamina so that you can move on to other heavier forms of exercise if desired. As of now, take it easy for a few months & enjoy your delicious smoothies.

      Wish you the very best.

      You can trust me because

    • Ninya says

      You can trust me because I am speaking from personal experience & was addicted to McDonald burgers & KFC chicken & chocolate milk shakes till I started drinking green smoothies in the morning. Even one glass will do!

  37. Taylor says

    Hi, I am 17male 5″11 / 235lbs. I have been trying to become fit for a while now. I want to loose my stomach but when i start to loose i seem to gain it back even if i am eating right and exercising. does anyone have any idea of what i can do to loose my stomach?
    p.s. i can loose around 15 lbs in a week but next week i gain it back or more.

    • Hannah says

      Its because your loosing the to quickly. your body can not adjust. What you are doing is your shrinking your fat cells down, and your body does not have time to adjust so it fills with water. and once you starting eating more calories your body absorbs them right back up, and your fat cells just go back to where they used to be. In order to reduce your fat cells perminately you need to do it slowly so your body can adjust, and truly reduce the cells instead of replacing it with water. And in order to reduce your stomach pudge you need to do cardio with a combo of abs. But when your doing a diet, make sure you stay faithful, its not going to change in one day its a process. So realize in one week your really not loosing 15 pounds. most of that is water . ( hence the cells) and when you put back on your filling those fat cells. My advice to you is eating as many fruits and vegies as you want, but protein is key!!! lots of lean meats. And also, water water water. and everyone says you cant treat yourself with a treat when dieting. FALSE! your body does need some simple sugars. but everything in moderation. you can make healthy snacks that taste horrible. and you reduce the cravings so you dont gorge. ( try taking an apple then take cinnamon and truvia and melt it , then drizzle it on the apple and bake it! ..or a banana. take a bannan cut it up, freeze it, then blend it up the next day and add some fruit or light syrup and its like icecream!! hope you get to your goal!!

  38. Earl says

    you need motivation to do these low calorie diet. Find someone that’ll motivate you every time so you won’t give up easily…

    • Chris says

      I agree, to lose , you need to be motivate , you need to “want it”.

      What you have to do though is eat a lot to lose (i know might sound counter productive)
      Really the secret to loss is that everything is delayed.
      If you eat one giant meal a day, that meal is going to be stored as fat for energy TOMORROW.
      You have 2 options with your body.

      If you burn food as you go, your body has no incentive to store fat, and when you sleep (you are fasting while you sleep) your body will burn fat (while your sleeping).

      Then you wake up, and your body is again still burning fat, so every morning you shed pounds of fat.

      Then for every 2 – 3 hours eat something small…. an apple, a bowl of soup , turkey slices, ham slices, eggs , bacon, a pannin sandwhchi with chicken, a cup of tea etc… just eat one of these things every 2 – 3 hours… in portions between 200 – 400 calories.

      In 3 weeks your metabolosim will be tuned to burn fat every night while you sleep and every morning while you start your day…. (your body will learn to store only as much fat as it needs for the short morning hours)…. and since your body doesn’t keep what it doesn’t use (use it or lose it rule) your body will stop storring fat, because it sees that food is readily available whenever you need it… (so there is no point to store fat)…

      Your body adapts to whatever you do to it.
      If it sees that you only have access to food for a short period of time per day, it will tune itself to store that one giant meal for later use (fat).
      If it sees that you live surrounded by food, it will throw all of the fat away because there is no point to carrying it around….

      Think about it as a car.
      If you know there is no gas station for 2000 miles, you want as big of a gas tank as possible, this means that you have to hold a ton of gas (fuel) with you to make it where you wana go…. this decreases fuel efficiency because you have to carry the big tank of fuel with you (fat around your gut). so you take your SUV or Truck that has a giant tank or a double tank of gas.


      If you know that there is a gas station every 100 miles, you can run on a more fuel efficient car with a tiny puny tank (low fat storage) and as long as you stop every 100 – 200 miles (100 – 200 calories) to refuel, you will lose because that gas tank will shrink automatically to accommodate the source of energy you use for your body .

  39. says

    Aw, this was a very nice post. In concept I want to put in writing like this moreover – taking time and precise effort to make an excellent article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and on no account seem to get something done.

  40. Kai says

    I used to be around 16.5 stone of pure fat. Was very obese and now I’m just under 12 stone but very muscular. I have also packed on a lot of muscle. My loss has been drastic and I’ve managed to do it in in under 9 months but it has been very hard at times. My advice to anyone who wants to lose is build muscle and supplement! As well as cardio. Muscle boosts ur metabolism and makes your cardio workouts more effective plus when you see the benefits it’ll give you the motivation to continue exercising. As well as that your cardio workouts need to be high intensity, I can’t stress this enough, I see people at the gym doing slow walks for an hour, this is pointless. If you’re coming out of the gym with your t-shirt only moderately wet (from perspiration) then its a waste of time. Trust me its hard at first but as your routines get harder your fitness levels will improve making it easier for you to maintain these grueling workouts. A typical cardio session for me involves warming up for 10 mins on the bike, then 15 mins mild jogging followed by 15 mins of intense running on incline, with 10 – 15 min on crosstrainer to finish. And don’t forget to stretch and finish off your workout with a bit of ab work (situps and plank).
    As for diet, it is important to keep your body’s metabolism fired up. 3 main meals with 3 interval snacks thrown in (mid morn, mid afternoon and evening). I usually eat cottage cheese or a can of tuna as a mid morn/afternoon snack with a piece of fruit. Low fat/cal but high protein. Cottage cheese conatins 4g fat & 210 cals but 30g protein! Tuna <0.5g fat & 130 cals with 34 g protein. I also make sure I get my carbs out the way in the morn and afternoon. Oatmeal for breakfast in a protein shake avec creatine. And either a jacket potato for lunch or wholemeal pasta/bread. You NEED carbs in your diet to maintain effective workouts and for muscle building! A common misconception is you can build muscle without carbs.. You cannot! You'll just maintain not increase. Then for dinner I'll usually eat either chicken breasts and salad or veg. Or soup and chicken breasts.. this diet with plenty of water and fruit/nuts mixed in (when you feel snackish) has for me been a life saver. I feel so much better in myself, healthier in both body and mind, and my confidence has soared as a result. This is just my personal experience on what has worked for me with other people it may work differently. Hope this helps people.

  41. Mr. Metabolism Boosters says

    Great example of metabolism boosting foods. A few others that I constantly reference and keep in mind are coffee, black pepper and a little known trick is to chew gum. The beauty of eating foods that have a metabolism boosting effect is that you are working smarter not harder. Sure the results are not drastic but little by little, it all adds up!

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