Benefits of Drinking Water

benefits of drinking waterI have written quite a few times about the importance of drinking water but last week I restarted a strategy that I had followed for a long time and then gave up.

Benefits of Drinking water first thing in the morning.

The idea is to get up and immediately drink four glasses of water and nothing else. Wait at least 45 minutes before having any coffee or tea or breakfast.

Why would you want to do this? Well I have always known the benefits of drinking water and used to do this drinking water before getting on the bike to ride to work, actually I did it for a couple of years and had a lot of energy in the morning. I never knew if the energy was from drinking the water or from the bike ride itself.

There are several reasons why you would want to drink a lot of water first thing in the morning

  • Drinking water in the morning  will give you energy – The water you drink first think will kick up your metabolism right away and the coldness seems to be a bit invigorating.
  • Drinking water in the morning will start your rehydration – We lose our hydration at night from breathing out moist air and since we take nothing in and are losing water to digestion we really do get dehydrated.
  • Drinking water in the morning will help you lose weight – When you drink water in the morning you will find that you have less appetite since you already have the water in your stomach fooling your brain into thinking that you are not hungry.

There seems to be a very popular notion that drinking water or anything in the morning will kickstart your metabolism, this is a benefits of drinking water that I really agree with and I have to agree that over the last week I have had a lot more energy and a much better level of concentration to get more done in the early morning.

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Try it and see if it works. There are many more benefits of drinking water that I have not mentioned that you will find very quickly when you go just a few days of drinking water in the morning. Post your comments about what you think firsthand of these benefits of drinking water in the morning idea.

If you like this post, could you please share it with your friends?
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  1. I am drinking 1 litre of plain water more than a 1 year in the morning at 5.00 o’ Clock. 1 litre of water in rest of the day. I used to get acid reflux and severe headaches. Is it because, I used to consume 4-5 glass of coffee in a day. After this water therapy (!), Now I am free from acid re flux and head aches. In websites, I saw, 2 glasses of lemon water is good for health. I am also confused to drink lemon water or plain water. Can I drink Plain water first and after 1 hour can I take 200 ml of Lemon water? Will it benefit my health. Awaiting your reply.

  2. Been on the water therapy for 6 weeks now. I have hypertension and currently taking two kinds to ease out my blood pressure everyday. After going through the water therapy, I rarely take my blood pressure any longer since it went back to normal as it was used to be back in the old days. Back pain is gone is as well and it felt I have more energy than before.

    Will continue to do it and see how it goes but the results are very promising and convincing.

  3. Don’t do it if you have gastritis or other stomach problems. You do this and either you will get a stomach ulcer or if you already have the ulcer it will become bigger. People with sensible stomach shouldn’t drink water with their stomach empty because acidity will increase. That’s why stomach problems are a pain in the ass. They risk dying from malnutrition or simply dehydrate because they need to intake water with food in their stomachs to prevent the increase in acidity. Not something you wanna have, but hey, if you eat healthy you shouldn’t get stomach problems in the first place, unless its genetic.

  4. i will try it starting tomarrow…not really a water drinker but will start on it tomarrow…….

  5. Today i Have started drinking 1 litre water right after waking up…
    Have to wait and see whether it will reduce my weight and makes me happy..

  6. Wow. It really works.
    This year, i started drinking a lot of water and found I was really energized, happy-chappy etc. But I did not amount the energy and euphoria to drinking water. I stopped drinking water out of laziness (and too-frequent bathroom trips). My energy went down, concentration, etc and I still did not link the two. But being back on water, I noticed the energy and happy-chappiness coming back.
    I recommend that everyone try it

  7. Omg, i can’t believe that the tips on here helped me alot this morning, last night i had a bottle of water before i went to bed and i actually woke up round 5 to urinate and couldn’t go back to sleep, i guess God was talking to me that everything was going to be alright. Finally fell asleep round 7 i guess and woke up at 10:30 and my stomach felt like it was doing cartwheels i was in the middle of drinking my four glasses of water by the second glass my stomach was egared to get started went to the bathroom and by that time i was having my first bowel movement in days. Thank You Lord, never lost Faith in you. But, i think for starters four glasses is over the extreme, i think two is good to get the ball rolling, cause for the first time in my life i threw up water. (I know tmi but it can happen ) so again thank you very much!

  8. i forgot who said that they have an irregular heart beat, i do too. i had heart surgery when i was born 24 years ago this June, thank you God everyday that I am on this beautiful earth, also i had a second surgery almost at the age of two. as you can see, im still here, and i give all the credits to the man up stairs. anyway, i only drink water, and love it. but for almost a week now i have been suffering with consiptation, so four glasses first thing in the morning, and i read somewhere else a glass before bed, im going to try both tonight and pray to my heavenly father that this will indeed help me cause i dont want to place laxatives in my body ever again.

  9. I would like to try this… my tummy always aching because of stress, anxiety etc,,, Hopefully this kind of treatment can help me to live better… ^_^

  10. i have been a soda drinker and not much of a water drinker. I know that water is good for health reasons. This morning i drink a standard size glass like a 1/2 hour before breakfast. ate breakfast and could not finish the whole thing. then between snack and lunch i drink a whole bottle of water. i agree with the energy and making you feel better. I am going to try this and see if it works for me. Thanks for the post. Thank god for water.

  11. i’ve been drinking 5 glasses of warm water 1 hour before breakfast for 3 moths now since reading about its health benefits from a facebook wall post. to my surprise, the stiffness and pain i experience when turning my head 90 degrees or more especially when i’m driving is gone .Also my lower back pain… gone. also have a flatter tummy now. thank you Lord for the water!

  12. l do agree with guys. wake-up in the morning, get one banana and than have one or two glasses of water. this will easy the your digestion. at the end of the day,you will be spending a year without falling slick

  13. I been drinking 4 glass of water since last Sep so it is alredy 3 months… and I have to let you know the benefit are incredible I have mentrual cramps for about 31 years… every months (with the exception of a 9 months of pregnancy) The last 2 months I am been pain free, I don’t take any drugs only prescribe pain killers during my period … I didn’t have to use them, no only that I been hard of hearing on my left side for 25 years, I have gone to several doctors and they told me was damage due to a infection I had.
    Last night my left ear open up… it is amazing … I can no belived the diference it make to hear again …well good and bad I could never hear a phone vibrated or a sound of a text mesage or e-mail …now I can …But I am HAPPY!!!!!! the energy is incredible and the weight I am off 10 pounds since I started and this is counting i eat my way through Thanksgiving and my week b-day celebration early November.
    Hope every one could do this and feel the benefits we a such simple change… Amaizing Please Try.

    1. hi gina, i see you lost your hearing on your left side due to an infection?…… i have the exact problem, about three years ago i lost my hearing on my right side due to the flu…. cant answer the phone on my right hear, as i can hear nothing. You say the drinking of 4 glasses of water really helped you hearing, is this true, cause i have been to so many doctors but they cant seem to help. Would appreciate a reply

  14. I am constantly sleep deprived and last night after a late night (which was on top of at least a week of 4-6 hrs tops a night of sleep and some only 3.5. Anyway I read that drinking a lot of water helped with that so did it before bed and had it by the bed and had maybe 500 ml in the morning

    then realized tonight that I had much more energy today than Id expect to for the amount of sleep debt I am in
    so worth trying for anyone who isnt getting enough sleep…

    1. To people that have weaker kidney or body, the best is to drink one glass of water slowly & start your day wonderfully. 4 glasses of water are really kind of exaggerating, but its up to your own body. You know & understand your own body well, & you should be able to know weather you’re able to take down this amount of water. Rest assure, it would not harm our body drinking 4 glasses of water.

    2. if you do not drink pure water it will always affect your kidney . because it has impurities in it . and these impurities will remain in the kidney that is harmful…

  15. water really works even it helps to reduce the weight as well as for the glowing of skin. it reduces the acne also. Thanks to Allah Talha who made the water for th human being.

    1. Yes brother, alhamdullilah. I have also began to drink water first thing in the morning and don’t feel bloated and have great bowel movements. Sorry I mix religion and something dirty. However, with respect to our creator I did it for educational purposes. :) God bless you all and may God bless our water.

  16. Hi! I started drinking 4 cups of water 6 or 7days ago and i just feel great. no more heart palpitation(irregular heartbeat) no more constipation and my skin looks great! I can’t believe i look younger and feel younger. Water is indeed life. God is amazing!

    1. hi i see here thta u have heart palpitations i do as well and also have anxiety and panic attacks i hate water any suggestions to get me started on drinking water i hate the paplitations and i never have any energy i just hate the taste of water so would the water really help with all of my problems i listed i also have severe constipation that turns to diarrhea please help me i feel so horrible all the time i need someone to give me the motivation and just someone who has some of the same problems as me to put into details exactly how water has changed their life thank you

  17. I drink 1 liter plain water as soon i get up from my bed. Iam doing this for past 10 years. I feel very energy. My advise is , Drink 1 liter water in morning, Take breakfast after 45 min & dont drink anything for 2 hours. Take 1 liter again b4 lunch, Then again 1 liter in the Evening. Never drink water with meal, But u can take warm water b4 u sleep in night. Try this. Its very good for Health. Thank You- Kannan, Erode Brindhavan Hotels

    1. Water that to be taken in the morning should be kept in copper vessel during last night. By doing this, impurities of water get removed. At least, one litre water should be taken after getting up from bed. After taking water, person should go to washroom to get fresh. If this doesn’t occur within 10-15 days, then he should avoid to take water early in the morning.

      1. swati gupta ji,
        can you tell be how you came for that opinion. ANY SCIENTIFIC BACKGROUND
        THANK YOU
        GUPTA V

  18. I started this morning after reading about it yesterday in facebook. I feel full the whole day and I am usually constipated and I am surprised that I had a bowel movement today without drinking prune juice. I think I am gonna be on this for the longest time.

  19. One of the biggest benefits I noticed of drinking water 1ST thing in the morning was it’s cleansing benefit I had already had my early morning bowel movement but after drinking about 24-32ozs of water, I found myself back in the bathroom having another bowel movement. Many years ago when I worked in a nursing home, I remember vividly the trouble the resident had with their bowels. Just think all that could have been relieved with bowls of Jello first thing in the morning or if they could tolerate just drinking pitchers of water. I surmise that with the water in the bowel, the brain sends a message that the bowel is full and send a message to the bowel to eliminate. You can understand that this is very, very important.

  20. I drink water if I feel blue, a lot of it at a go, and it really does start to
    cheer me up immediately!

  21. i felt very happy by seeing this.
    i wanna know any authentic research done in this topic
    i am an ayurvedic doctor advice my patients to drink water in the morning
    i have my own reasoning for adviving it.
    centuries back our ayurvedic texts described the bifits of it
    i will be posting the details later.
    i need documented evidences

  22. since i have started to drink more water i feel better and my skin is doing better i just need to get the rest that i need and that is it beside that i am eating good and i move around alot. so i
    consider that exercising and i jog and jump rope

  23. Yessssssssssssss water,I thank God for it.My skin is clearing,I feel energized.For anyone that has problems with acne,water is the medicine drink it morning noon evening,just all day stay away from soda and all those sugary drinks…Lots of sugar causes fat,health problems and acne.I loveeeeeee water now its sooooooo beneficial I think it works better than all these acne medications.

  24. I started drinking the 4 glasses of water in the morning about 3 weeks ago. First, let me say: I hate water. The only time I drink water is when I am at the gym. Otherwise, the only water I drink is in powdered Iced Tea.
    However, my hubby says my skin looks really good and I noticed that I am losng weight faster. I am on a 1200 calorie a day diet. So, when I drink the awful water, I have to visualize the benefits it is doing for me, otherwise I wouldn’t do it. I still don’t like plain water. I don’t think I have acquired a taste for it. But, if its good for me, then I will do it. After all, I liked smoking too and quit that 3 years ago because it wasn’t good for me. :)

  25. Today is my second day on this water therapy.I look forward to enjoying the benefits! The only problem is driving to work in 30-45 minutes and needing to wee urgently.If I run into traffic………………………………….

  26. I have been drinking 4 glasses of water before having breakfast for almost 6 months now and I have definitely seen the wonders it has done for my body. I have lost a significant amount of weight that all my friends are shocked and are starting to do it as well. I pretty much haven’t gotten sick since I started, my skin looks amazing, my hair is shiny and my eyes have a glow in them that people compliment me on. I recommend this therapy to everyone!

  27. I have enjoyed good health because I drink adequate water daily . It’s a rarely god given commodity in this world for us to consume to make life better .

    We not only need to drink “warm water ” ( a water temperature close to our body temperature to make it easy absorption to our system) , but need to continously drink enough water in order to renew our body fluid at regular interval . this will flush out our body toxics easily any time .

    Let us good water for better health.

  28. Who ever that found the early morning water,

    I would say God bless him, since i started it over a yr now, i dont know any thing like medison again. cough has gone, high BP has normalized, maleria vernished, no body ordour or mouth ordour, I sleep live a day old baby and so lots of them. Just start today please and let us eradicate illness in our world. from our chemistry we learnt that water is a universal solvent, which means that it has the ability to disolve all thlings, with time early morning water disolves all the stones in the body and all diseases.

    God is so rich and so loving, the most valuable and indispensible things God gave to mankind are Water, Oxygen and sun ligth, pls make good use of these abundance, your life depends on them.

  29. Drink just plain water, warm is probably best in a.m. as there is no thermal shock to organ tissues. As for vitamin fortified water, just remember that we should be getting our vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat. Drink 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day, and even more in summer time and when doing strenuous work .

  30. I am very sure that droking water first thing in the morning will make me getting helthier everyday . I prefer to drink warm water which is more suitable for our stomach . drinking cold water will give a “shock” to our body naturally warm system …..(bearing in mind that our body tenperature is warm )

    Mr Bala wrote in the above that drinking water first thing in the morning WITHOUT BRUSHING TEETH .kindly advise me the logic behind this .

  31. i have been doing this to prevent from further acne, i must say it has helped a lot, as well as in clearing up my skin.. Although i am on anti biotics for acne too but i guess waters doing its job too..

    I am glad but even still i am confused that 1.5ltr of water evryday, isnt is too much to start with.

  32. I’ve never heard of drinking that much water first thing in the morning but I’ll do it. I drink lots of water throughout the day, but not that much first thing in the morning. I’m curious what the results will be.

  33. Great post. I had been doing this before I read about it but not as a conscious plan. I see now why I feel so great in the a.m after my morning water. I haven’t tried drinking 4-6 but I do drink about 2 glasses in the morning and feel great. Never thought that was the reason why, i was just thirsty lol.

  34. I am doing this from more than 10 years and now it is more like a habbit and I feel great. But here is my issue…

    I keep driniking water (around 2-3 lt)…until I feel like goto restroom. Sometime due to office meetings or other work in the morning, it passes even 11 AM before I am done with all this. Most of days I finished my water in the first two hours after I wake up…

    My question is – am I harming my body by doing this (not eating anything till 11 AM)?

  35. I have been doing this drinking of water first thing in the morning 1.5 l + little yoga + little changes in meals to have sufficient food mainly vegitables so that no over feeding for more than last 16 years = no headaches,no fever,no pains any other pains and working without ant medical leave . No vists to doctors execept for check ups. Also, keep my mind happy by trying to see always positive.I think these simple things can be followed every body to make their lives enjoyable.

  36. this practice was meant to be done with plain good old water…..No smart water etc….research this further

  37. Its best practice to drink water the first thing in morning. It flushes your whole stomach and makes you ready for the whole day to go. Ive pratciced that for 6 months now now and i feel im like a well toned athlete.

  38. Plan Water is the best let the stomach have a good moment with fresh water instead of adding falvour, honey or something else for the tongue to taste. the main thing to drink water is to clear everything for yesterdays consumption going to toilet frequently.

  39. If you think about it, our bodies are made up mostly of water anyway, around 60% or more. Men have more and women less. Think of you’re body as a grape when you go to bed. When you wake up, you’re body is very prune like, and is severely dehydrated. What I do is drink lots of water before bed, throughout the night when I wake up(waterbottle beside my bed) and then around 500ml of water with a bit of extra virgin olive oil immediately upon waking up. It’s done wonders for boosted energy levels. The olive oil is just for that extra health benefit.

  40. I drink 2 liters of water firts thing in the morrning, immediately after drincking the 2 liters, I go to tolet to empty my stoamac then take a shower.After 30 to 45 minutes I take my breakfast. Then, I go to to toilet every 15 mintutes for uniration about 3 to 4 times.Afterwards, I feel relaxed and statr my work in my office comfortably.

  41. Since i have start drinking water from bed in the morning, i start feel comfortable, warm up, smile face and difficult in inhale problem has gone. i am happy and thanks God that i look and experiencing healthy than before. If you believe everything is possible.. God is wonderful and Loving us all.

  42. I have been doing this as well for a while. I have mentioned before that this was a normal morning habit of mine to drink lots of water and after I stopped I did not notice any difference but now that I am again drinking a lot of water early in the morning I feel fantastic once I sit down in the office.

    Everyone should try this for a week for no other reason then to test out the difference.

  43. I have been drinking 6 glasses of water first thing in the morning for the past two weeks, I must say I have experience a huge increase in ernegy levels, I feel more healthier, my mind is very sharp, my level of concentration has increased, Also I experiences a huge reduction in hunger pangs during the day, my stomach works more regularly than before……I am hoping that I will experience weight loss in the process…..

  44. This is a great post. We do need to rehydrate in the morning, after all we haven’t had anything to drink in hours. I’m not sure about 4 glass recommendation, or how big these glasses are. I love vitaminwater’s essential flavor in the morning, it’s a fresh orange flavor. Many people just don’t like to drink plain water, they don’t like the taste. vitaminwater is an excellent water choice that comes in a variety of flavors and provides 25% of 4 B vitamins and a bottle of the essential flavor also provides 250% of the daily value of vitamin C which is a healthy way to start the day. Calorie free smartwater is made by the same company and tastes great because it is vapor-distilled. smartwater even has added electrolytes that give that added boost. We all know the benefits of drinking water as related to weight loss and energy level, we just need to look at water choices and start drinking!